Friday, July 30, 2010

Sg. Besi Wan Tan Mee - Simply awesome

This post was delayed for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time and since its going to be the end of July, time for a food post. Before you go "aiya, just another wan tan mee" read more? :)

It was late. After a blogging event at KL, me and marcky realized that we both didn't eat much during the event because we were both busy snapping photos and chatting with friends. With our hungry tummy growling, Marcky introduced me to this wan tan mee stall along Sg. Besi. Knowing him and his taste for food, you can never go wrong :D


It was about 12.30am and the place was still pretty happening! Uncles, aunties and even youngsters were whacking the wan tan mee. From the picture above, you will notice that this stall ain't your typical wan tan mee. You can spice up your wan tan mee with either S.S Pork Leg( I'm guessing it might be sweet and sour pork? I dunno), wild boar curry, ginger duck, hakka stew pork or char siew.


Servings over here is still pretty much the same everywhere: small, medium or large. My choice for the night was Wan Tan Mee with wild boar curry, stewed mushrooms and sui kow(in the soup). I seldom take wild boar curry but this one was very nice. Even though its late at night(or VERY early in the morning), the curry was not oily unlike some stalls where the curry has been boiling over for a long time throughout the day. The black sauce that they used for the wan tan mee accompanied by the wild boar curry was heavenly!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Sui Kow(Chinese Dumplings)

The sui kow was decent in size and FRESH. The fillings are mostly prawns and the texture was springy with each mouthful. Definitely a must have with your wan tan mee. I'm not sure if the noodles were prepared by themselves or what not but heck, it was delicious. 

The place is kinda clean too...well at least from what I saw

I have no freaking idea on how to get there(once again, failed food blogger) but I do have a map taken from Marcky's entry on this place.

Taken from Marcky's blog:

The stall is located on the premises of a workshop, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re on the lookout for this place. It’s very easy to miss. It’s a good idea to turn off on the road immediately after the workshop and park a short distance away.

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Thanks Marcus! So when are we going there again? :P


  1. We'll go there when we are willing to spend the time to brave the traffic. You want? Jom!

  2. nvm la. abit hard for this. LOL. some other time :P


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