Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Show Your Love #forthestreet

Having this overwhelming emotion and love for your street? Yes, street, or what we Malaysian know
as Jalan. Now here is your chance to express your love in Show Your Love #forthestreet Instagram
Contest brought to you by PUMA.

In conjunction to the Evolution of Suede campaign, PUMA brings back the second wave on the
Instagram Contest after the successful first wave of Instagram Contest. PUMA celebrate the 45th year
of the Suede Line. This campaign focuses on the Evolution of Suede that has been around and also
the release of the new Future Suede, which is set to be the next legend. Heating this campaign up is
the Show Your Love #forthestreet Instagram Contest and here is your chance to win:

-A PUMA tee printed with the winning photo for the most creative and unique photo of the week
-One pair of personalized PUMA Suede for the one overall winner at the end of the contest.
Join in the fun with all other Instagrammers and stand a chance to win these amazing prizes.

Here are some of the information for the contest:
1) From now till the 7th July, 2013 snap a picture of the STREET SIGN of your favourite street
and work out 3 words to describe it
2) Upload the photo to Instagram with hashtags #forthestreet and #my

Do check out for more information.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing Else Matters

I haven't been updating my blog(No shit, Sherlock). So here is a quick update.

I did say QUICK update right?

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