Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrate Raya with a brand new iPhone 5 from just RM88

Hear ye, Hear ye. I bring you good news from the Blue. 

Yeap, its the new iPhone 5 and it can be yours this festive season from just RM88! With regards to the Raya celebration, Celcom is offering you a brand new iPhone 5 from only RM1,488 when you sign up with Celcom First Data mPro Plus at RM88 per month on a 24-months contract. Isn't that a steal?

However, this is offer from 11th July till 15th September 2013. It's an exclusive Raya deal  that you just can't miss.

What is the Celcom First Data mPro Plus plan?

  • Low monthly commitment fee of only RM88 per month
  • Special price on the iPhone 5 at only RM1488
  • 5GB data volume monthly
  • FREE 60 mins and 60 sms (additional usage 15cen per min and per sms)

What are you waiting for? Start your Raya celebration with an exciting new gadget at a great price. You have one of the best mobile camera to capture best festive moments while staying connected to your loved ones anywhere, any time be it in the city or back in your home town. After all, Celcom has one of the widest coverage on the fastest network.

For more info on this special deal, check out any Blue Cube or Celcom Xclusive to enjoy this privilege today. You may also check out this link for more info

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Show Your Love #forthestreet

Having this overwhelming emotion and love for your street? Yes, street, or what we Malaysian know
as Jalan. Now here is your chance to express your love in Show Your Love #forthestreet Instagram
Contest brought to you by PUMA.

In conjunction to the Evolution of Suede campaign, PUMA brings back the second wave on the
Instagram Contest after the successful first wave of Instagram Contest. PUMA celebrate the 45th year
of the Suede Line. This campaign focuses on the Evolution of Suede that has been around and also
the release of the new Future Suede, which is set to be the next legend. Heating this campaign up is
the Show Your Love #forthestreet Instagram Contest and here is your chance to win:

-A PUMA tee printed with the winning photo for the most creative and unique photo of the week
-One pair of personalized PUMA Suede for the one overall winner at the end of the contest.
Join in the fun with all other Instagrammers and stand a chance to win these amazing prizes.

Here are some of the information for the contest:
1) From now till the 7th July, 2013 snap a picture of the STREET SIGN of your favourite street
and work out 3 words to describe it
2) Upload the photo to Instagram with hashtags #forthestreet and #my

Do check out for more information.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Nothing Else Matters

I haven't been updating my blog(No shit, Sherlock). So here is a quick update.

I did say QUICK update right?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google Chrome Spell Checker

Hey Google, I see what you did there.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

St. Patrick's Day - Guinness Biggest Pub Crawl

Specially decorated Gen2 for St. Patrick's Day

This is one major event which I think GUINNESS and all the people involved in the St. Patrick's Day celebration did a fantastic job. It was a 3-day citywide celebration but I only went for the 2nd day of the event.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Williams Mamak - Farewell and thanks for the memories

This is going to be a post without any pictures. Yeap, it is going to be pure text because I'm just gonna pen down afew words about Williams Mamak.

For those of you who don't know, there is a mamak at SS26 and that mamak place goes by a few names. Williams, William, Warong Williams, William's mamak. Everyone knows that place. William is a guy that everyone knows especially when it comes to ordering your food and paying for your meal. I used to enjoy eating at that place. Heck, I visited it quite often during my college days.

A wide range of food selection, a huge oven infront of the mamak alongside with a naan making section, it was an attraction for passerbys. Food portion was huge and the food tasted pretty good. As mentioned before, I hung around that place quite often during my college days; mostly for dinner and the occasional supper where my friends and I will hang out after our gaming session(good ol' Counter Strike). Prices back then was reasonable. The place was dirty, next to a drain but yet, it is packed most of the time. You even have police officers dropping by for a meal or two.

Its been awhile since I dined at Williams. Ever since I moved to Puchong, had a girlfriend, graduated, started working, started working out, and got married, I RARELY go to Williams. Afterall, homecooked meals are always better(doh). 

Now that Williams has moved to a new place(still at SS26), the place is at a "cleaner" location I suppose. I would only dine at Williams if a friend wishes to but other than that, I've never thought of having a meal there.

However, I have made a mistake for choosing that place last Friday. I decided to stop at Williams to grab a bite after an event. What a mistake! Here is why. I ordered teh ais, indo mee single with ayam pandan(fried pandan chicken). Once done, I went to William to pay for my meal.

As usual, I greeted William:
"William, berapa?"(William, How much?").

He then asked me what I had and I told him. His reply?
In my mind, I was like WHAT THE FUCK? RM16? So I asked him what is the breakdown. Why RM16 when I only ordered indo mee single with ayam pandan?

In reply, he said
Indo mee RM4, you makan ayam pandan kan?(you ate the fried pandan chicken right?). Ayam pandan RM10, teh ais RM2.

So okay, I paid for my meal and went back into my car, cursing at myself. Why did I choose Williams. I KNEW things will be expensive. But I only ordered a plate of indo mee(single portion that comes with an egg) with a piece of fried pandan chicken. And being at a mamak I was expecting my meal to be somewhere between RM8~RM12. Is that reasonable for what I've ordered? RM4 for my indo mee, that's fine but RM10 for a piece of chicken? To make matters worse, what I had wasn't really a piece of fried pandan chicken. No. It was more like a piece of fried log with generous amount of salty seasoning. I did not enjoy it at all. It wasn't tender to begin with and it was extremely salty(I did not finish it too, too salty). Definitely not worth RM10.

With that said, its not that I stinge alot. I HAVE money. The main question here is, "Is it worth it?" If the chicken was nice, I probably would have dusted it off my shoulder by saying "Okay lah, once in awhile only". I could have gone to McDonald's with RM16 and still have money to spare!

Wait a minute. Andrew, it's only one bad experience and you're bitching about it? Calling it quits?

Oh no, no, no. I think the food there isn't as good as before. And for the price that I might be paying for, I would rather take my money and dine elsewhere. For those of you who still enjoy going there, go ahead. It's your money, your choice. I have absolute no qualms about that.

But for me, that Friday will be the last time I'm dining at Williams. Thanks for all the memories while it lasted during my college days.

And you know what, fuck the farewell. I'm just not going back there any more.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

PUMA Finale Party tickets give away!


W'sup guys! I was at PUMA Crossover Party last Friday and I gotta say, the Puma Suede is AWESOME. But this entry is not about that, yet.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock - Nasi Lemak


This is the saving grace that I was talking about in my previous post. The place is called Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock. It is alittle hidden from the main roads but this kopitiam is located at Oasis Ara Damansara. A friend of mine brought me to this place because he wanted to surprise me with something; the nasi lemak. At that time, it was fairly quiet as there weren't as many shops/offices as it is now.

This was back in August 2012


Without setting any expectations, I went ahead with my order of nasi lemak with ayam goreng which costs RM9.50 while others tried the Nasi Goreng Ali. As I've mentioned it before, the restaurant wasn't crowded as Oasis Ara Damansara was still quite vacant at that time so our food came pretty fast.


Looks familiar? Yeap. The taste is 99.99% similar to Village Park but with a nicer tasting sambal. Some might differ but anyway, for me, they are the same. The only difference is I don't have to put up with the crappy service, and inconsistant food portion at Village Park in Damansara Utama.

I know food presentation is not a main criteria but if you observe how the staffs at Village Park prepares your plate of nasi lemak, its basically a fast food type of preparation; throw in everything and serve.

Check out the difference in food presentation between Village Park and Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock

May be its difficult to notice the portion of rice given by Village Park and AMAH but just by looking at the pictures, which is more inviting? I rest my case.


Nasi goreng Ali was nice too. Just be warned though, it is very spicy. So if you would like to try this and to be on the safe side, I suggest you tell them "kurang pedas(less spicy)" when ordering.

On a separate visit to AMAH, I tried their Mee Kari; malay style of curry laksa. Taste wise, pretty authentic for a malay style curry mee. They are quite generous with the rest of the ingredients as well; prawns, chicken, fish balls and etc.



The ambiance is much better for a meal. It feels like a kopitiam and the staffs are not rushing around and trying to push each and every order out like its a fast food chain. Food presentation and portion seems to be consistent. The nasi lemak is slightly more expensive compared to Village Park but for the service, food and portion consistency, I would rather dine at Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock.

Yes, I would drive a little further and pay alittle more to have some quality time with loved ones over a nice meal rather than checking on my orders every 10-15 minutes, getting all worked up and complain about food portion LOL.
Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock is located at the same row as Affin Bank but its at the other end. Quite easy to find once you're at Oasis Ara Damansara. Let's say you've entered to Oasis Ara Damansara, drive straight till you see Affin Bank on your right. That's when you turn right(Affin Bank will be on your left now) and drive on till you spot AMAH on your left. It's an endlot restaurant.

Lot B-G-01, Ground Floor, Block B, Oasis Ara Damansara, Jalan PJU 1A/7 (Ara Damansara), Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47301, Malaysia

Google Map:

View Larger Map

Monday, March 11, 2013

Village Park - What happened? Greed?

By the time I'm done with this post, it would seem like I've been complaining about food outlets huh? To be honest, that's not really the case. I do have some GOOD food reviews coming up but first, this is about my favourite place for nasi lemak; well, ex-favourite place.

I used to recommend friends and loved ones about this place for nasi lemak but I think I'll stop doing that. I'm kinda appalled by the quality of service, food preparation and the current ambiance of the place from what it used to be. It's been awhile since I went to Village Park for nasi lemak and with that, my wifey and I went there on Saturday; at about 10am.

As soon as I got near the place, I was shocked. Not only was it extremely crowded, it was dumbfounding. Tables were set up not only infront of the place, but BOTH on the left and right side of their restaurant(on the road). Okay, let's not spoil the mood. We got a parking spot and went ahead with our plan; to have nasi lemak.

Luckily, we got a table within afew minutes. This is where the horror began. NO ONE came to take our orders. Even when I called for them to clear the table, they kept saying "Nanti Nanti, banyak orang"(hold on, hold on. There are too many people). No shit Sherlock. There are TOO MANY tables. While waitng for my table to be cleared(and for someone to take my order), you are surrounded by angry patrons and the staffs are running around like it's a bus station; chaotic.

"Mana saya punya Nasi Lemak? Sudah 20 minit?" *Where is my nasi lemak, it has been 20 mins
"Mana saya punya Teh? Sudah order tadi" *Where is my cup of tea? I've ordered it earlier
"Mana saya punya Roti bakar?" *Where is my toast bread?

And the list goes on. It's simple. Everyone was agitated. Instead of chit chatting over a meal, everyone was waiting and checking on their orders over and over again.

When our food came, it looked like the staff just scooped some rice with their hands and slap it unto your plate. Utterly, a plate of disappoinment. The food presentaion and portion was horrible. You could tell it was just prepared in a fast manner; just to get the food out. I could buy a packet of nasi lemak from a roadside stall, and the amount of rice would be MORE than what was served. Why am I paying RM8.30 for this?

Anyway, we got our food, ate and it was time for payment. The line for payment is long, which is fine with me. While waiting in line, I was observing on how they were dishing up the nasi lemak on the hot plate to be served. It's like a fast food process; Slap some rice on, throw in the chicken, sprinkle in some peanuts, fried anchovies and sambal. They don't care how it's presented and they don't even bother with consistency of rice portion. What happened to the nice-bowl-shaped amount of rice?

And when you're at the counter to make payment, you'll see pictures of so-called celebrities and political figures dining at their place. Not forgetting the Time Out KL Food Award which they won too. I don't think those will matter if the quality of your service and food presentation is neglected.

Obviously, I don't major in hospitality or worked in a food and beverage industry but by watching some of the foodie programs on AFC, I think people tend to forget that it's not just about quality of the food but the quality of the service and food presentation as well.

Village Park used to be a place where family and friends can gather to have a good meal. Despite the long wait, people were still willing to wait patiently. It's a family restaurant and not a fast food outlet, it doesn't have to be complicated; you simply have too many tables and your staffs can't manage! Show some love and passion  quality control for the food.

I think one word sums it all; GREED.

If Village Park was the only place for such nasi lemak, I would have no choice but to go there whenever I have the urge to have their nasi lemak.

But guess what? THERE IS ONE SAVING GRACE. I have another place for nasi lemak. The taste is 99.9999999999% similar to the one at Village Park. Alittle more expensive(by RM1.50 or so) but you get good service and awesome food portion(and CONSISTENT too). Also, the sambal is nicer too; alittle spicier.

I will share this location soon :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Burger Kaw Kaw at Mayang Oasis


I blogged about Burger Kaw Kaw back in March 2012 and I got quite a number of views on that post alone. 5 digits to be exact. It was about my experience of a 3 hours wait for a burger. Despite the long wait, everyone was waiting patiently for it. The picture above is what it used to be and if I'm not mistaken, they have built a new stall at the current location(Wangsa Maju).


The new change for Burger Kaw Kaw is not just a brand new stall but it has ALOT of branches now. And lucky me, they have an outlet at Mayang Oasis which is near where I live. Burger Kaw Kaw is now easily available minus the long queue which they used to have.

As grateful as I am, I find that the standards have dropped. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't taste bad but from what I tasted previously, the taste and portion isn't up to par. Don't understand what I mean? Let me explain. As advertised by McDonald and all the major fast food chains around the world, "Product images are for illustration purposes only". So of course I knew what I'm getting is going to look different in terms of looks, food preparation and food portion. But I was quite disappointed with the chicken patty.

This was taken last year back in March.

This was what me and my friend Marcky had when we first tried it; and yes, after a freaking 3 hours wait. It wasn't out of this world but still, it was nice. So we decided to try it again since it was near our place at Mayang Oasis.

Just a note: I'm not using the QUALITY of the PHOTO to judge. I was using my iPhone 4. :P

And this was another Burger Kaw Kaw session that I had with another group of friends on another occasion.

The chicken patty looks awesome right(bottom right - Double chicken patties)? Well, it tastes alright, cripsy but there was more flour than chicken meat. My friend had to literally PEEL the layers of fried flour before digging into the meaty parts; Just like how some who likes to eat their KFC chicken without the fried skin.

I even commented on their facebook page but I didn't get a reply. I said "Please check on the Mayang Oasis branch for consistency". So after all the food reviews, articles and newspaper publishing on Burger Kaw Kaw, I guess this is how things end up.

I can almost hear some readers/Burger Kaw Kaw fans going "Kalau tak suka, jangan makan lah?" "Sial punya budak cina"

Listen, Listen. Listen

Bukan macamtu bro. I hanya nak kongsi mengenai burger ayamtu. Masih sedap....I cuma kena makan semua tepung tepungtu dulu :P. Kalau aku nak makan kat Burger Kaw Kaw lain hari, aku akan pesan burger dengan daging lembu je. Senang cite kan? Oleh itu, jangan salah faham bro bro and sis sis sekalian.

Oh my Bahasa Malaysia. It's been awhile. Should I read more Berita Harian or that car magazine "KERETA"? But anyway, for the price I'm paying. I think I would rather make my own burgers or dine elsewhere. Afterall, we're the one with the buying power *FUH! ECONOMICS*

Remember, pictures are for illustration purposes only

Next burger place to try, myBurgerLab :)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Landslide at Ara Damansara

I was out for lunch yesterday and when me and my colleagues went to our usual hawker place, we were in for a shock. Hopefully no one got injured. I wonder how long it will take to "fix" it. I guess the upcoming election will help speed up the process, hopefully.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Puma Suede #ForTheStreet

W'sup everyone! I have two things to share which I'm sure you guys will enjoy. First of all, inconjuction with PUMA Suede's 45th Years Fresh celebration, PUMA is having 2 contests. For those who don't know, the picture above is Puma's new Future Suede design which still retains the signature 1968 profile of the classic Suede but has a modern twist; a lightweight bottom, painted midsole, light on suede, PUMA Trinomic hexagons, heel clips and eyelets.

So what's the contest all about?

First up is the 2058 Future Suede Designing Contest. With the arrival of the Future Suede, PUMA wants to invite you to express your interpretation of the Future Suede in year 2058. With the Suede template provided at, 30 top designs submitted to PUMA will be selected and exhibited. The designing contest will begin on 18th January 2013, to 1st of March 2013. A winning design will be selected to win the grand prize of PUMA products worth RM2,000 and 2 VIP passes for the PUMA Evolution finale event.

Next up is for you instagramers out there! To celebrate its 45 years of rich heritage and to kick off ‘Evolution of the Suede’, PUMA is inviting their fans from all around the world to be a part of the ‘Classic Suede Instagram Contest’. This contest calls for the public to post pictures of their personal collection of the Suede on Instagram and hashtag #ForTheStreet to join the global conversation with the fans worldwide. PUMA fans can also take pictures with iconic props available in PUMA outlets. The contest will start on the 25th February 2013.

Start putting on your thinking cap and churn out your creative juices and head over to to get the design templates.

Wait a second, where do I get Puma's Future Suede? You're in luck buddy. The Future Suede is available at PUMA outlets in One Utama, Bangsar Village 2, Pavilion KL, Queensbay Mall(Penang), Sunway Pyramid, Suria KLCC, and the Gardens.

Stay tune for more updates as I migth have some goodies to give out in the new future*Puma related :)*

Monday, February 4, 2013

Restaurant Ah Hua at Batu Pahat - Minced Pork Noodle


This place one of the try have when you're Batu Pahat!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How dirty is your lappy?

Warning, viewer discretion is advised.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Okay, so I'm about 22 days late to post this but hey, better late than never. This is one of those post where I'm going to say that I'm sorry for not updating my blog bla bla bla. You get the drill.


Honestly, as a blogger(an active one, well I used to be: going for events, food review, gatherings, so on and so forth), you know you're gonna be accepting paid advertisement or product reviews. If you check back afew pages of mine, you will see that it's all paid reviews/ad campaigns.

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