Tuesday, July 13, 2010

National Geographic - Genographic Project

The Genographic Project

Remember my post on National Geographic back in April? Okay may be you don't but you can read about it here. In that entry, there was a LIVE demo on a project called The Genographic Project by National Geographic. In short, from your DNA, this project will be able to find out where your ancestors might have came from. An exaggerated example, even though I'm chinese but my great great great great great great great great grandfather might be from South Afrika. And no, it doesn't tell you how healthy you are. 

Without further ado, here are some pictures of what you get in the box.

Yeap, mahal

Some documents

A good quality envelope for you to post your DNA sample

Consent letter

The kit

The capsule/tube to store the swab

And of course, the swabber :P

Since its hard to take pictures of myself, I used the Samsung Galaxy S to record the process of DNA swabbing. Hope you guys enjoy  it! 

Firstly, the unboxing

The swabbing

What you're supposed to do

Simple right? So now its just a matter of time till I check my results and find out where my ancestors might have migrated from :P Interested to find out more? Simple, check out the Genographic website for more info and videos.

Before I end, I would like to thank National Geographic for this cool project and also Tan Sri Francis Yeoh for being supportive in this project. Take care everyone!

As usual, feel free to comment :)

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