Thursday, July 8, 2010

A High D Day

I've been thinking about what to do with the Samsung Galaxy S phone. Lets take a moment to sit back and enjoy the video recording capabilities of this baby. 

A High D Day...a high definition day :)

Remember to select 720P :)

Hope you guys enjoy watching the video :) . As mentioned in the video, check out Marcky's blog for HIS result of the burger challenge. Stay tuned for more updates. Till then have a high good day!

Update 08/07/2010: I'm trying to re-encode this video to make it 720P. Will try to do so but in the mean time....Bear with the quality yeah? Thx!

Update 09/07/2010: Success :) 720P


  1. Just a heads up the video posted can't be viewed in HD :( only 480p

  2. Hi Yoga, Yea I noticed. Must be the encoding :(

    I'll try again!

  3. Hi Andrew! :) It's Jolene, one of the other Maxis 10 bloggers!

    I usually have trouble with the video's quality after using a video editing software. However, if I just upload the entire video straight without any editing.. it will play in HD. :)

    You are very natural in your vid, good job! Burger looks good though.

  4. Hi Jayelle,

    Thanks alot for dropping by :) Well I'm testing something now and reuploading the video.

    Lets see if this baby work this time. :)

  5. seems like is suffers from severe distortion issues and wobbly wobbly vertical lines. got a lil dizzy viewin the vid bro. :(

  6. Yea its because of the editing :P check out my other post with HD videos uploaded directly from the phone :)


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