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Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodles At Section 17

Khasiat Cafeteria(Healthy Cafeteria)

UPDATE 15.03.2010: Uncle Cheng has a new place! Check it out here. The one at Section 17 is no longer available. So do check out his new place.

Okay, I'm partially confused whether if its a restaurant or a cafeteria. Anyway, it doesn't matter because what I'm gonna share with you guys today is an awesome beef noodle stall while its also kinda emo for me. Why? Hear me out.

I am born in Johor Bahru(or just JB in short) but moved to Batu Pahat not long after that. The only memories I had about JB are, I stayed at Taman Pelangi, I go to Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where they used to have paintings on the ceiling but it has been renovated it seems and lastly, the beef noodles at Ang Kim Chwee Coffee Shop that we would normally have after Sunday church service. Okay I'll be honest, I had to google "beef noodles at Johor Bahru" to find out the name of the place but as soon as I saw that coffee shop and that uncle preparing the beef noodle, that is the correct one.

Ever since I came to KL in 2001, I could never find any beef noodle which taste resembles the one I had in JB. Although it has been a really long time since I last tasted that beef noodle in JB, I can still remember how the taste is like. After all, its the taste that holds the memory. The CLOSEST one I found was Yut Kee because the style of preparation was quite similiar; the dry beef noodle had some groundnuts. Sadly, their beef noodle was very salty.

Okay, that was pretty lengthy than my usual post when I write my food review, now comes the not so emo part; the food itself.

Simple stall but a superb meal lies ahead

Last week, I was joking about Uncle Cheng beef noodle because some readers have been recommending it on my Tangkak Beef Noodles post and chatbox(which I have removed). Me and Marcky decided to give it a go after some friends said that it was really nice. The place wasn't difficult to find because I kinda knew the area and it was a Saturday so there wasn't any problem with finding a parking spot.

Uncle Cheng really knows his food well. He took the time to explain to us which type of noodle suits best for dry or soup type of beef noodle. Me and Marcky opted for the dry beef noodle; which would mean lai fun will be the noodle of choice as it blends well with the overall taste according to Uncle Cheng.

My order is beef noodle with all the mixed parts

The beef was prepared perfectly

Even before tasting it, the style of preparation was already looking close to the one in JB; some char choy(preserved vegetables), groundnuts, thick black sauce. I was quite surprised that Uncle Cheng's beef noodles even had sesame seeds toppings.

Its a must have with every beef noodle


The beef was so tender that it would simply fall apart when I tried to lift it up for a picture. Despite being so tender, it still has that nice chewy texture with every bite. It was simply awesome. The beef ball was as fresh and springy as it can get. Dip it into the chili sauce and you'll probably crave for more.

For beef lovers, without all the other parts like tendons; this was Marcky's order.

Just a note, its not glossy and shiny because its oily. Its Uncle Cheng's special sauce which is kinda thick and starchy. Just make sure you mix well before digging into your meal :)

Soup with just meat

Delicious soft beef tendon

While eating and snapping pictures in between our meal, Uncle Cheng came to our table and placed a bowl of soup with just meat and stuff like tendons for us to try despite us not ordering it. The soup was simply delicious with all the beef goodies that goes in it; clear based beef broth. The soup is also then topped with lots of parsley which even made it more fragrant; I love parsleys too.

Uncle Cheng is super friendly and he took the time to explain why he doesn't just put things like tendons and all the other beef parts even though we said "beef noodle, with all the mixed parts". You have to actually tell Uncle Cheng that you want things like tendons and other parts of the beef in your order for him to prepare, if not you won't get them. The reason for this is because some people don't like them to be added. But regular customers of Uncle Cheng knows this so its no big deal to them. 

Freshness is Uncle's top priority

The white stuff you saw earlier on my spoon? That is the peeled tendon from this part here.

One more time of the delicious beef noodle

Price? Our orders for just 2 bowls of beef noodle costs RM15.00. So I'm guessing its about RM7.XX per bowl. A little pricey compared to some other places but in my humble opinion, its worth every single cent. A perfect bowl of beef noodle is hard to come by.

Be warned though, you might get kinda thirsty after the meal. Not because he uses alot of  MSG(if he uses any in the first place) but I guess any typical beef noodle will be the same no matter where you're at. Uncle Cheng is also opening a new place soon, I'll keep you guys posted but for now do check out Uncle Cheng at Section 17.

Last but not least, thanks Uncle Cheng for the great hospitality and the complimentary beef soup.

Restoran Khasiat
Jalan 17/12,
46400 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours: Opens Monday - Saturday 10.30 am - 2pm

Contact No:
012-3030626, Julian Cheng (Or just Uncle Cheng :) )


  1. REALLY AWESOME and BEST in KLANG Valley, Malaysia.
    DO you notice or not, uncle cheng never use any single drop of oil.... :)


  2. i don't think it is pricey lah...! be fair, uncle cheng really serves you the best cut of quality beef! worth paying for a bowl of nutricious meal..for just RM7.5O (i had pan mee in KL, just pan mee with few tiny "batang of bayam", ikan bilis and black fungus and 2 balls of pork balls already paying RM7.50 (rm5.50 + RM2)

  3. Hey All,

    Uncle Cheng is also open on alternate Sundays, to avoid disapointment just give umcle cheng a buzz! Hee, according to my trackings, this Sunday is ON. :)

    O yes, try to order "GEAR BOX" serves in claypot (if your are lucky) and the tenderloin Kuei-teow soup"... what a heaven...!

    beef lovers,

  4. @Joellexy
    Everyone has their favourite/best beef noodle place. For me, yeah Uncle Cheng's beef noodle stands out with its unique style. Will be 1 of my fav beef noodle spot in PJ that is for sure. should I go about this...Anonymous

    As I've explained, might be a little pricey BUT I also said that it was worth it because the beef is really nice and yes, good cuts indeed!

    Thanks :) Its still best to check with Uncle Cheng 1st too on any other weekends. Thx for sharing ;)

  5. Andrew,
    Uncle Cheng Special Beef Noodle has moved to a new shop in SS2 opposite Lorenzo, further details in facebook. or call up Uncle Julian Cheng (the chef) @ 012 3030626 for direction.


  6. The famous Kota Bharu Beef Noodles (Lim Siong Kee) is in PUCHONG (newly opened)- located at Cafe KH20 (No.67, Jln Kenari 20, Puchong Jaya) opposite IOI Mall. Open – Morn - Lunch (Mon-Sat). Somebody commented 'tis the best beef noodles in Malaysia, in Kota Bharu and now in PUCHONG. Come - Try the best of KELANTAN Beef Noodles now brought to you in Klang Valley.

  7. This is the worst place on earth (At his current shop). I just wanted to try the so called "best beef noodles". The first time I went I was not assure of Julian's behavior. I didn't know what to order and he told me " the way you look like your gonna choose the cheapest one. He called me a cheapskate directly to my face. I just didn't want to say anything so I just ignored it. A few weeks later, I decided to give it a go again. I went there and I ordered for the first dish on the menu and Julian's wife told me " ya you wanna order the cheapest one." And she asked for my drink I ask for chinese tea and she said "ya cheapest one again". "Julian" and his wife insulted me 2 times by calling me a cheapskate. The beef noodles i ate tasted extremely sour and it was not good at all because it was all made by his Myanmar worker. Please do change your attitude, stop looking down on people and calling people cheapskate and please keep up quality with your food. If you don't change it I think your going in the wrong direction. Rule no 1 of business is customer satisfaction if you can't even achieve that you should not even be running a noodle stall. All the viewers which are reading this please be aware about "Julian and his wife's behavior" then you will understand how I feel.

    1. What you say is a total lie. Whoever dines at Uncle Cheng will know this. What kind of CHEAPSKATE are you? You have to comment on blogs to tarnish another person's/business' image?

      Show US proof of video else its all a lie. Come on, go for the third time. Record it down. If what you claim is the truth.


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