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Restaurant Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

Aside from being said as Kin Kin Pan Mee's competitor, copy cat and etc etc, the pan mee here is pretty good. There are tonnes of review for this already but still, I'm just sharing this for those who haven't heard about it yet. This branch is at Bandar Puteri though, which is also near my place ^^v

Was there for my dinner last night. Business was pretty okay for a Monday. I got myself a spot outside the restaurant( for smokers/open air area) as the lighting was better and I don't want people to stare at me as though I tak pernah tengok pan mee, or just in case I have to stand on a chair to take a picture; kidding.

Chilli Pan Mee, a.k.a Lat Jiu Pan Mee

Nicely poached egg

When it first arrived on my table, I was taken aback by the size of the bowl. The bowl was kinda big and deep while the pan mee and everything else seemed kinda little. I guess the reason for it to be this way is for the ease of mixing the chili and noodles but for me, the portion is kinda little. With that aside, what's in the bowl? Pan Mee, minced pork, fried anchovies, fried onions, a poached egg and finally topped with some spring onions. Where are the fried onions? You see those brown stuff a the top right in the picure? Those are the fried onions. I guess they fried and then crushed them up for easier mixing.


I did 1 mistake though. I tried JoJo Little Kitchen before this and I only used 1 tea spoon of chilli back then; I used 2 tea spoons of the chilli this time - Huge mistake. It was too spicy for me but luckily, I was still able to enjoy the meal. Moral of the story, put your ego aside and try it out with 1 tea spoon of chilli first.

Chilli Pan Mee, they weren't kidding

Nothing exciting about the noodles though. The texture of the noodles was pretty standard, thick and springy. Haven't came across any that was too soggy or undercooked.

The one that is always given less attention

What saved me from the spiciness was also the soup that came along with the meal unlike some other restaurant. Full of potato leaves and some tiny bits of egg white while not being too salty. Simple warm soup to accompany your chilli pan mee; pure shiokness.

Fried Fish Fillet

From the menu, it says that the fish used for this was the red snapper fish. Although deep fried, it wasn't oily and the fish was fresh! The batter was lightly seasoned so it wasn't salty or anything but you can tell that most of the flavors are coming from the fish, not from the batter which is a good thing.

The chilli sauce

They said it was their own home made chilli sauce to go along with the fish fillet. To be honest, it tasted like any Thai chilli sauce. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that they're fake but taste wise, that was how I felt. If the taste of the chili sauce is this good, that means they did an awesome job by using all the natural ingredients.

Kat Chai Shuen Mui 

Although it was raining, I ordered this. Kau kau punya sour! I like places that serves kat chai shuen mui like this.

Now for the breakdown:
  • Chilli Pan Mee - RM5.50
  • Fried Fish Fillet(small) - RM8.00
  • Kat Chai Shuen Mui - RM2.50
Was RM16 worth it? Well, taste wise, it was satisfying, the only complain I have is probably the portion of the pan mee. But I manage to have a bowl of pan mee, a side order fried fish fillet(8 pieces - small order) and a drink. Pretty decent I would say.

Ignore what others have said about Super Kitchen being a copycat bla bla bla. If you want to have spicy pan mee, this place will fill in that void.

p/s: So is it Chilly or Chilli?

No.5 Ground Floor,
Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,

Contact No: 03-8063 7728

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