Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Actually, its Just WineActually



W'sup everyone! Its Wednesday and 1 more day to go before Deepavali is here! A day of holiday is just awesome because it gives you time to just laze around and do nothing :) But before that, let me share something with you guys courtesy of

Firstly, this is not an Ad/review although it might sound like one but this is actually "100 Wine 100 Moments", a campaign by where they are giving out 100 bottles of wine to bloggers* to gather 100 moments! Sure you may say its marketing and stuff but you know what, it doesn't matter. The peeps at are all about having fun and sharing so I would say this campaign is really awesome and I do hope you'll stay tuned to my blog for it. It is NOT, I repeat NOT compulsory to churn out a blog post but because I enjoy photography and blogging, I'm gonna do it anyway :)


I met up with Shaun Lee, co-founder of last Sunday to collect my complimentary bottle of wine. And Shaun if you're reading this, I would like to apologize because I didn't get to chat much with you as I was going to Church.

As far as the bottle of wine goes, I haven't opened it. I do not know how to really taste and savor the flavors but that is where google comes in. For now, all I know is that a little red wine is good for the heart; which I'm sure most of you know. Apart from that I'm clueless! I'm being honest here. So I did google up on wine tasting and stuff and it was really interesting to know that there are actually ALOT of factors when it comes to wine tasting. I'm not pro but I am certainly going to try some of the "guides" found online on wine tasting.

I tried out some product shots....might not be nice but anyway, I took these last night. It was pretty late but I had to make time. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.




How is it? Not too shabby eh? :D I know it could have been better but I kinda like these pictures. I bought those grapes by the way! All for photography! ^^v


As for when am I gonna open it? Stay tuned!

*Remember to read their terms and condition on their site.


  1. Hey Andrew!

    That was quick! You take some really nice classic shots! Thanks for that.

    We can meet for coffee or wine in the near future if you're not too busy. :)


  2. Hey Shaun!
    thanks alot :D glad u like the photos.

    Sure! Actually I've got something in mind but that is later on :) Gotta sort out some things 1st.

  3. Let me know once you've tried this wine out.. I'm constantly looking for new wines to try out..
    Frequent La Bodega due to their pretty cool wine collection..

    And next wine to try would be Filus, but since this was given out by Shaun, i may want to try it too! Thanks for sharing, Andy.

    By the way, the photo with the grapes and wine glass is smashing! I love it! Ü

  4. Hey Cindy
    LOL Im not really good with wine and I've been busy...haven't opened the wine yet :)

    Thanks for the comment :) *hugs*


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