Monday, May 17, 2010

Running Andrew is having a running nose.

Just a quick update before my meds kick in:

14.05.2010 Friday
Went for Rojak Event @ Lot 10. I had some sorethroat for some unknown reason. Probably due do public transport being unhygienic.

15.05.2010 Saturday
Cleaned up some stuff at home and went to Padang Merbuk to collect my New Balance 15KM race kit. The pain coming from the sorethroat was excruciating. Went to see the doctor to get some meds. Slept  at 9.30pm.

16.05.2010 Sunday
I woke up at 4.40am, throat felt better and decided to go for the running event. By evening everything was fucked up. Watery eyes, losing my voice and felt really hard to breathe because of my blocked nose.

17.05.2010 Monday
On MC.


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