Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CROCS Malaysia - I won!


A few weeks back, CROCS Malaysia launched its very own website! Apart from that, CROCS Malaysia also announced their OFFICIAL CROCS MALAYSIA BLOGGER for 2010! One of them being the lovely Rebecca Saw. She had a mini contest of her own with the prize being a free pair of CROCS - ANY MODEL / ANY PRICE. Her entry on the CROCS contest can be found here. *And she updated it too :)

The question? 

A friend/acquaintance wants to buy a pair of FAKE Crocs from the local pasar malam (night market). What would you say to him/her?

My answer? Ini dia.

I'm happy that some readers read and commented my entry on why one should get original CROCS. Everyone was satisfied with their original pair(s) of CROCS and I'm glad to share my own experience as well. I'm grateful that I have won the contest but this time, the CROCS shoe isn't for me; I'm giving it to my fiancee :) Without further ado, shoe hunting time!

CROCS at 1 Utama

They don't have stock for the blue color version

Nvm, let's go to CROCS at The Curve!

Dah sampai pun :P

She doesn't want the limited edition ones...too big :(

The prize!

The shoe that was chosen, she is camera shy :P so just this shot okay?

Before I end, I would like to thank Rebecca and CROCS Malaysia for all these promo and goodies.

You guys and gals COLOR my world!


  1. It's a good choice of shoes there. Interesting pictures of your Amanda's feet, too.

  2. She picked the pair that i would too. Nice choice. Exactly like jie-jie's :)

  3. Ohh! I like her choice! ;)

    So cute w a ribbon like that! Suits her!

    I'm glad u won it too, u do deserve it!

  4. @marcky: =.="

    @Alicia: Thanks couzy!

    @Rebecca: Thanks! :P


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