Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Can - Self heating Can

"A HOTdrink, any time, any where"

Imagine being able to have a hot drink regardless of place and time. No pans, boiler or steamer. That imagination has been turned into a reality. Look no further it is here right now.



This event was held at Havana last Friday to promote/introduce this cool product called Hot Can - a self heating Can that is guaranteed safe!  Sadly, my friends and I were late for the presentation as traffic to KL was extremely bad. Sorry for missing out the crucial presentation.

But then again, we got to try out the Hot Can for ourselves! The can was wrapped up so that each of us wouldn't know the flavors. We were shown the steps of  "activating the can". As this was hands-on, I didn't take any pictures of it. Here are the steps:
  1. Turn the can upside down and remove the lid sticker at the bottom of the can.
  2. Place the can on a table or something flat and press the center at the bottom of the can till you hear a popping sound.
  3. Shake the can for about 20 - 30 secs(bottom is facing upwards)
  4. Turn the can around(top of the can is facing upwards) and give it a shake as well.
  5. Wait for about 3 minutes for the drink to get heated up 
I present to you, HOT CANS

Currently available in 4 shiok flavors; Hot Tea, Hot Choc, Hot Latte, and Hot Mocha. The one that April and I had was Hot Mocha while Marcky had Hot Choc. For those who are interested, here is how it works (Taken from

Heat is generated inside the Hot-Can from the mixing of Calcium Oxide (quicklime, CaO) with Hydrogen Dioxide (water, H2O) which produces Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)

What makes it heat up?

Hot-Can has developed a special double chambered aluminum can which contains the beverage in the outer chamber and holds water and calcium oxide (quick lime) separately in the inner chamber. When the button at the bottom of the can is pressed, the water mixes with the quicklime, starting an exothermic reaction that heats the contents of the outer chamber in less the 3 minutes by 50-55°C to give you a piping hot drink.

Me, Nazeen and April :)

Marcky, Nazeen And April.

I also got to meet Bangsar-Babe but I shy la...didnt take picture with her :P So snapped for Marcky only

Here are more photos of Hot Can taken back at my place :)



Coaster when it is cold

Once heated, it changes color!

Thanks Nazeen for inviting us there!

Do check their website for more informaton:


  1. I thought you said you're gonna use a picture where I DON'T look fat!!!

  2. OMG! The drink so nice..i want try

  3. Hey FeeQ,

    Yeap, its nice! I haven't tried the Hot Tea yet :P

    Will do another blog post for that perhaps.

    Thanks for dropping by bro


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