Monday, June 7, 2010

[WTR] Sony Alpha NEX 3/5

Sony Alpha NEX PLEASE!

Yes, the title says it all. Sony launched the Sony Alpha NEX launch at Lot 10 roof top, Teeq Brasserie last Friday. For those that doesn't know how the NEX series looks like, here is a picture of the beauty.

Picture taken from which also took from somewhere else.

The Alpha NEX3 and NEX5 are the worlds smalest, lightest and thinnest camera with interchangeable lens, and has the same APS-c sensor with 720P and 1080P video capability!

It is said that the picture quality is on par of those DSLR camera. This I really gotta see.

I hope I will be the lucky few to review any one of the Sony Alpha NEX series. After all, I just bought my camera. Will this baby put my camera to the test? We shall see.

Once again,  CanIhazSonyAlphaNEXreview?


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