Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ShitBrix, I've been tricked! - http://www.mitmivec.com/cp/

Shitbrix, I've been tricked!

UPDATED 11.08.2010

UPDATE 11.08.2010.
Extremely late for this update but just to make it clear. There was some miscommunication between me and Eric. We have both chatted and sorted things out. And Yes, we're still friends.

Many people have bought stuff from him and he is a honest seller. Peeps from PhotoMalaysia also said that he is reliable so I guess it was just some miscommunication in my case. So Eric, if you're reading this...pai seh bro! :P

End of Update.

This is with regards to my post about my new camera, which you can find here. I bought some stuff from the guy Eric and much to my disappointment, his after sales service is bad. And I only bought a UV lens filter, a lenspen and a rocket blower. Imagine what would have happened if I were to buy other stuff from him?

Not replying my sms. Not answering my calls. If you're so fucking busy but still have time to log on to your forum, why not send me a message? I merely asked if I could get any better UV lens but no, no reply.

Probably a mistake for buying stuff in a hurry. I wanted a filter badly. That mistake costs me RM95. I don't mind buying a new filter but if this is how he runs his business, I guess I better get the word out. 

This was the lens I bought

This is the actual product. Spot the difference? The sticker looks old btw.

The multicoat is fake. I don't know what the fuck got into me, but how could a filter which costs RM95 be MULTICOATED? Anyway, a small price to pay for not being careful. The moral of the story is, get a good lens for your camera :)

Below are some shots of the UV filter ON and taken off my Tamron lens.

Horror 1

Horror 2

So once again, thank you http://www.mitmivec.com/cp/ for showing me(and probably others) your true colors. I must thank God I did not buy any lens or more products from you.

If you guys really want GOOD PRICE and TRUSTWORTHY service, I'll stick to www.snap-attack.com.


  1. Yeap, I always stick to good after-sales service places even if their prices might be 5-10 bucks more per item. I consider it as tips for genuine helpful and quality service.

  2. Indeed bro indeed :)

    So spread the love for that website. Very good business ethics.

    Actually, the site also looks like shit. I thought since its gonna be small items. Whatever the case is, lesson learned.

  3. Holishiiit con job! Thanks for the headsup bro :)

  4. Eh Euveng...actually...i got some reply from him. That is also after I've posted in his lowyat thread.

    We're cool now. Many ppl said he is a honest seller and they vouch for it(photomalaysia forum). So I guess its just miscommunication. :)


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