Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Restaurant New Cheow Sang At Taman Mayang Jaya


I've been passing by this place for more than1 year and finally, me and my in-laws decided to have dinner at this restaurant. It's not that we were ignorant. It's just that we normally have dinner at home or simply have other places to dine. After dining at this restaurant, its safe to say that I have found a hearty place for Bak Kut Teh without having the need to drive all the way to Klang; this restaurant is like 5 minutes walk from my in-law's place.

Firstly, I wanna apologize because I don't know the exact name of the dishes. However, there are pictures of their signature dishes on the restaurant's wall for your reference so I guess it's still okay.

One the signature dish, Sweet and spicy braised siakap fish head(I hope I got the fish type it right)

It was very tasty but be careful of the chili padi though; really spicy. I quite a ricey person so I really enjoyed having this dish with the awesome gravy except that it does gets a little too spicy at some point. Nevertheless, I will recommend this for starters; just watch out for the chilli that's all.

Steamed eggs

Whoa! Please go easy with the light soy sauce. The steamed eggs here is quite decent. Light and smooth texture just like homemade; except for the excessive light soy sauce.

Lady fingers

Again, flooded with light soy sauce(may be some sesame oil?). Not sure if its because of the steaming process, water from the lady fingers made it seemed a lot more. However, I think we would normally add the light soy sauce after steaming right? Anyway, no fuss about it as we didn't scoop up the sauce. I kinda like the lady fingers here because at least there were still some texture in each bite instead of having it all soft and mushy.

Bak Kut Teh with all the good stuff

Taste? Spot on! Absolutely love the light broth of the BKT. The pork were done decently too; full of flavor and tender. The pork's intestines or "spare parts" as some might call, it was good too; no weird or pungent pork odor. Soup refills here were allowed but not sure if its limited to a few bowls but don't let it be a show stopper as the BKT is quite tasty.

Oh La La

The key to a nice lala dish is it's freshness. Spot anything wrong with the dish? GARLIC OVERLOAD! To be honest, I was worried because I thought they wanted to cover up the foul smell or something. I tried my best to taste the lala on its own and it's safe to say that there were indeed fresh.

The aftermath. I also used a lot of mouthwash that night #truestory

If you can read Chinese character, have fun; the damage

The food here is quite decent. As for the BKT, its those light version but the broth was rich in flavor. I did feel a little thirsty after dinner but it was tolerable(or acceptable) compared to some other places. Overall, a family restaurant and better yet, it's near my in-law's place. :)

3, Jalan SS26/6,
Taman Mayang Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,

Contact No: 017 - 3599 434 / 017 - 3728 626


  1. hmmm. i've passed this place quite often but never bothered with it. the lala looks just like a reason for me to step in:P

  2. haha yeah, they are delicious! but too generous with the garlic eh? hahaha.


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