Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love! Tasmania Campaign is up and running!

Valentine's Day is afew days away. Are you worried on what to do?

Don't know what to do? Having a hard time with overpriced roses? Restaurants fully booked? Fret not because Tourism Tasmania's campaign is up and running!

What does that mean? You and your partner stand a chance to win a 8 Days / 6 Nights holiday at Tasmania worth RM24,000!

What you need to do is simple. In 100 words or less, Express Your Love! As love can be expressed in many ways, same goes for the contest. You may submit your entry in a form of poem, a passage,  a song or video. If you could include Tasmania, it would boost up your chances of winning too. Word of advice for photo* or video** submission, please read the note at the end of this post.

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Express Your Love

 My entry for the contest

Because it's so simple even I am entering the contest too and what better way to express my love for my wife AND stand a chance to win a holiday to Tasmania. Tasmania is one of the major tourist attraction in Australia. Most people would be familiar with Sydney but hey, Tasmania has lots to offer too!

Tasmania has some of the world's oldest and beautiful trees. Not to mention some beautiful white sandy beaches. With such breathtaking landscapes, its no wonder more than a third of Tasmania is protected in national parks, World Heritage Area, forest and marine reserves. It will definitely be a good break from city life, that's for sure.

Remember, only approved entries will be loaded onto Tasmania's Facebook page starting from 13th till 23rd of February 2012. Head over to the contest site for more information and ideas about the contest. The top ten section would also give you some hint and ideas.

Once your approved entries are up on Tasmania's facebook page, all you have to do next is to get your family members and friends to "LIKE" the entry starting from 14th  to 27th of February.

Before you go "Oh my, another "LIKE" contest", here comes the other judging criteria:
  • 30% Number of "LIKES" received
  • 30% Creativeness of entry
  • 40% Overall Presentation
See, Tourism Tasmania is making sure its a creativity contest and not just a "LIKE" this entry contest. Creativity is key to the Express Your Love contest.

Winners will be announced on the 29th of February 2012.

When is the travel period? It will be from the 13th to 20th of March 2012 where the winner will be on an overnight flight on the 13th of March and enjoy an awesome 6 nights in Tasmania.

Aren't you excited already? So remember, check out the contest site for more into.

*Image should be sent in jpeg format with less than 1MB. 
**Video should be uploaded to youtube and limit to 30 second to one minute. Please submit your video link only but not the actual video. Please ensure the copyright is solely owned by submitted participant, or copyright is cleared. 
***All images and videos submitted are automatically giving Tourism Tasmania free rights to use for their own marketing purposes.

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