Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keeping It Cool

I was watching TV the other day and there was this one ad that stuck with me. McDonald’s ad? Petronas ad? Nope… it was an air-cond ad! SURPRISE! Which got me thinking, “thank God for the creation of air-conds!” Why? Well, it’s common knowledge, after all that Malaysia has summer climate all-year long and it gets especially terribly hot during the Chinese New Year period. The sun would be scorching hot by then and to make things worse, everyone will have to “balik kampung” which makes the journey super uncomfortable! Really, the air-conditioner is a 21st century heaven-sent invention!!

It’s a miracle I actually remember (I guess it’s because the ad was so well-executed) but get this: unlike all other air-conditioners , Fujiaire offers a three year full body warranty programme. By default, all air-conditioners already come with a standard one year warranty however, if you register online at www.fujiaire.com.my, you’ll get an extended warranty! (Up to three years, parts only.) Sweet deal, or what?!

Hurry, hurry and get yourself a Fujiaire right NOW! Because one can never have enough air-conds in Malaysia! ;)

And in case you haven’t seen the ad, watch it here:

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