Sunday, February 26, 2012

All that glitters - Trinkets blogshop

A little gift

This is not an ad but I thought I would share a site that I stumbled while surfing one night. It's a trinket blogshop. What is it? Trinket is a small (usually cheap) ornament or piece of jewellery.

The site has a few designs to choose from but you may still customized it to your needs.For instance, having a hook type of lock instead of the usual 'crab pincher' at the end of the bracelet. I ordered the Swarovski Midnight Glitters - Charm Bracelet and Earrings. I customized it to include two type of locking mechanism.

The bracelet - noticed the top right with 2 lock types mentioned earlier?


I took some extra shots using a black surface just to show different lighting effects.




I bought this set as a Christmas gift for my wife and I think it's just beautiful. By the way, it's not to say that trinkets are cheap gifts. The one I bought is slightly dearer because it uses good quality Swarovski crystals with shades of midnight blue, white and baby blue glass crystals. Price? If I remembered correctly, its about RM80? But anyway, I think it's a steal compared to what you get from shopping malls where what you see is what you get with no customization.

Don't wait till special occasions to shower your loved ones with gifts. Everyday is a special day.

Do check out Thoughtful Trinkets if you would want one :)

Have an awesome Sunday peeps!


  1. good photography:D

    There are many grades and types of Swarovski. Need tor ead up coz I came across places that claim it is Swarovski when its really just "plastic" like beads.

  2. Yeah but I think its just better quality erm....'plastics' beads/crystals. It can't be crystals anyway for RM80 haha.

    But the bracelet and earrings are beautiful :)


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