Monday, February 20, 2012

3 more days for Love! Tasmania

Wishing for another holiday

Yeap, that's right. I wish to go for another holiday. Thanks to tourism Tasmania, that wish might not be too far away. As I posted before in my previous entry, my entry got approved and am in the running to win a 8D6N trip to Tasmania!

Just to fill myself with some information, I did some research on places to go at Tasmania and here are some of my findings(in no particular order):

Port Arthur Photos
This photo of Port Arthur is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Mount Field National Park Photos
This photo of Mount Field National Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Hobart Photos
This photo of Hobart is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Me and my wife in Maldives....oh wait...wrong place.

With that said, you guys may still submit your entries till the 23rd of February. In the mean time, here is my entry:

Kindly vote for my photo by doing the steps below.

1. Click here first to check out Discover Tasmania. Do give them your support by liking their page.There are a lot of information about Tasmania ranging from articles, photos and personal sharing.
2. Click here to Like my photo entry.

Now remember, you may submit your entry too. In 100 words or less, Express Your Love! As love can be expressed in many ways, same goes for the contest. You may submit your entry in a form of poem, a passage,  a song or video. If you could include Tasmania, it would boost up your chances of winning too. Word of advice for photo* or video** submission, please read the note at the end of this post.

Once your approved entries are up on Tasmania's facebook page, all you have to do next is to get your family members and friends to "LIKE" the entry starting from 14th  to 27th of February.

The other judging criterias are :
  • 30% Number of "LIKES" received
  • 30% Creativeness of entry
  • 40% Overall Presentation
There are also other prizes to be won so don't give up because the lack of votes. There will be additional prizes offered:
  • Best Comment made in an Entry
  • Best Presented Entry
  • Most Creative Entry
Each winner will win a RM600 travel voucher

For more information, please check out the contest site.

*Image should be sent in jpeg format with less than 1MB. 
**Video should be uploaded to youtube and limit to 30 second to one minute. Please submit your video link only but not the actual video. Please ensure the copyright is solely owned by submitted participant, or copyright is cleared. 
***All images and videos submitted are automatically giving Tourism Tasmania free rights to use for their own marketing purposes.

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