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O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe at Mid Valley

Bet you've seen this around right?

I was invited for a food review last week and this time it's a healthier food review compared to other food reviews that I've done. It's O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe at Mid Valley. I also got to know that this branch was launched back in December 2011.


I'll be honest. I haven't tried O'Briens up till the day of review. Why? No particular reason actually; I just choose to eat something else and not because I don't fancy sandwiches. I have been told by friends that the sandwiches at O'Briens are really good and delicious though.

Wide variety of ingredients for your sandwiches

When it comes to sandwiches, most people would immediately say "Subway". I mean even before this, I was patronizing Subway for sandwiches(not that often anyway but you get the picture). After I got into O'Briens, I could see why. The price is slightly on the high side but I guess there is a reason for everything. It's the fresh premium ingredients used for their awesome Ireland sandwiches.

You get to see how it's prepared


Fresh greens

What I'm pleased to see is that my sandwich is cleanly prepared. We got to try some O'Briens's signature sandwiches so that saved us the trouble of choosing which sandwich to try; all of them sounds good!

Classic Caesar Salad, RM16

First up was the Classic Caesar Salad. Lots of fresh leaves with parmesan cheese, chicken breast(I think), chicken crisp, croutons with Caesar dressing. It's how a fresh bowl of salad should be; lots of crispy greenies, tossed in a good mix of light caesar salad dressing and all the good stuff. I think the chicken crisp added a nice fragrant flavor into the salad as well which was quite unique in my opinion.

O'Briens Chicken Triple Decker(Sandwich), RM18.80


When it was served, it really caught my attention. The combination of colors made the Triple Decker looked really good. Apart from looking good, it was delicious. Perfectly toasted wholemeal bread with chicken breast and chicken crisps, lettuce, cheddar cheese, red onion, coleslaw and tomatoes. The flavors were nicely balanced. The chicken breast was okay but chicken crisp was indeed a little dry but the combination of fresh lettuce, coleslaw and tomatoes complimented each bite with more crunchy and sweet flavors.

Chicken Slice and Cheddar Cheese(Hot Shambo), RM15.80

Another signature sandwich is the chicken slice and cheddar cheese. A much simpler set up but packs a lot of flavors. I really like the the fillings of chicken slices with fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and honey mustard mayonnaise. The key to this awesome sandwich is the honey mustard mayonnaise which binds all the flavors together perfectly in a nice sweet and creamy sauce. Don't count out the condiments of chips because they were good too; light, crispy and not overly salty

Chicken, chicken crisp and Cheddar(Wrappo), RM16.50

This is one of the O'Briens hot selling wrappo. Look at all those rich flavors wrapped in tortilla. This wrappo is the Hot Wrappo section which includes red onion, mixed peppers and tomatoes.


Once again, I really like how the all the flavors just fall into place. The chicken was still moist while the red pepper gives it a little crunchy, peppery yet sweet flavor. I'm not sure what type of cheddar cheese was used but the cheese wasn't too overwhelming and added a nice milky aroma.

Soup of the day, RM6.50

Just before we were gonna call it a night, we were served with a piping hot bowl(or cup) of mushroom soup! The mushroom soup was freshly made and they even added some chunks of mushroom into the mix. However, if only they would serve this with some croutons. Nevertheless, the mushroom soup was creamy and delicious.

Frothy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, RM9.00. I didn't try it but I just thought I'd take a shot of it as it was beautifully prepared :P But you gotta admit, it looks good right?

By the end of the night, I was really stuffed. Granted, I had a lot of wholemeal bread but I was really satisfied with all the food that I tried. I have to admit though, the price is a little expensive but what you're getting is a wholesome meal with fresh ingredients. Serving portions are also relatively large.

So how does one decide whether to choose O'Briens or Subway? Well, I guess its a tough choice as everyone has their favourite sandwich place. But personally for me, I think the choice is simple......

How can I say 'no' to this?

p/s: If you have experienced any unpleasantries at ANY O'Brien's branch, please let them know through email, a phone call or voice it out on their FB page. But please be courteous and professional as they are looking forward to improve your dining experience.

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café
LG-030 and 031,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact No: 603-2282 5423



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