Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taipei Day 2 - Pre-Wedding Shoot

Taipei Day 2 - The day for the actual pre-wedding shoot

We didn't bring our cameras(DSLR/PnS) along with us as we were really rushing from one location to another(5 different locations and some studio shoot). The weather was really cold with slight drizzle at certain places so that made us even more worried while shooting. Nevertheless, I'm gonna share 2 more pictures from my pre-wedding photoshoot at Taipei.



The shoot was indeed quite tiring but we had lots fun. Rushing from one place to another and changing gowns and suits in some mobile changing tent. All in all, it was quite an experience. We didn't have any full meal by the way. All we had was some packet drinks, cakes and breads given by the bridal studio(which they ordered from somewhere).

As soon as we were done with the shoot, we still had to walk to get food while carrying our own clothes used in the shoot. What we ate? Nothing special and we were not picky after such a tiring day.


Note: KFC Malaysia is much better than the one at Taipei. 

Day 3 next!


  1. Wah.. both so handsome and pretty!

  2. Bro, look good beh .. ur wife oso pretty ^^

    1. Thank you! :d

      Now that I'm back in the gym and running again, I hope to be slimmer too :P


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