Friday, January 13, 2012

Italian Tomato at Bangsar

No, this place doesn't sell tomatoes from Italy


When I first entered Italian Tomato, I was like "OMG, a pizza furnace"!  Coincidentally, the chef was preparing an order so I thought I'd captured a few shots of the process.

Lay them down gloriously

Pick me up before you go go...oh wait...



Now, be patient

I was browsing through the menu and the description for its food and ingredients are quite mouth watering. But of course, everyone holds their judgement until one has tasted the food. Nevertheless, a gathering of friends with delicious food; it's all good.

Antipasti Misti, RM42

First up was the Antipasti Misti which is a platter type of dish. You have grilled mushrooms, calamari, garlic crostini and carrozza. Don't feel alienated by all the names. Carroza is the one at the top right in the picture which looks like french toast(but not literally). Crostini is the one which looks like french loaf. The platter is also served with condiments such as sour cream, tomato salsa sauce and chicken liver; as shown in the picture. 


I did a mistake here. The tomato salsa sauce was supposed to be taken with the carrozza but I ate it with a piece of grilled mushroom on a fragrant and crispy crostini. Wrong but tasted heavenly. I'm not a fan of chicken liver but being a foodie blogger, I just had to try it even if its just a tiny bit. To my surprise, it was DELICIOUS. Whatever the chef did, it came out very tasty and aromatic. I was probably one of the few at the table to try it.

Crema Di Zucca Al Forno, RM14

Before you go I dunno, this is basically roasted pumpkin soup cooked in a wood fired oven! All was well balanced; the thickness, sweetness and saltiness was just right. I would normally go for mushroom soup but sometimes, you have better options out there. The pumpkin soup is definitely not to be missed.

Zuppa Di Cozze E Vongole Picanti

Pretty straight forward dish; Mussels and clams in tomato base soup. When I first tasted the soup, I was taken aback. I thought the soup tasted funny. The seafood soup wasn't looking good. Gave it a quick stir and tasted it again and it was alright. Mussels and clams was as fresh as it can get. Among the sweet and sourness, there was some spiciness coming from the soup too. A seafoody(cheesy name huh?) soup which goes for RM25.

Pizza Romano, RM28

Just to be clear, RM28 will get you a full pizza and not just a slice LOL. Jokes aside, this pizza is delicious. This pizza has toppings of anchovies,  fresh basil, tomato, Mozzarella and Parmesan shavings. Though the anchovies are not visible, you will definitely taste its presence in every bite. Really fragrant and delicious.

Pizza Quattro Formagi, RM35

This was my favourite pizza for that night. A blend of cheeses into one pizza; Fontina, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheese. A slice of heaven? All I can say is, indeed!

Pizza Chorizo, RM28

This pizza isn't all just for show with vibrant colors. Toppings are some of the finest ingredients. It has lamb chorizo sausages, grilled peppers, olive, chili flakes, tomato and Mozzarella cheese. The lamb chorizo was absolutely delicious. Fragrant and chewy lamb chorizo coupled with aromatic Mozzarella cheese; one can only imagine the taste. I hope they would give more lamb chorizo as toppings though. Yes, I'm greedy.

Spaghetti Alla Pescator, RM35

A house specialty dish from Italian Tomato; mixed seafood in a rich tomato base sauce or should I say broth? Those on a "see-food" diet can forget about dieting and enjoy this hearty meal. Lots of flavors coming from the prawns, clams and mussels.

Oh Sangria...

How I missed you...

My bad, I haven't introduced one my favourite drinks of all time, Sangria. I highly recommend this to anyone who dines there. Scrap that; YOU MUST TRY. The flavors was just right. Fruity sweet, lemony sourish, and a little alcohol to give it a good mix.

Fettucine Mare E Monti, RM35

Fettucine cooked with scallops, wild porcini and shitake mushrooms in cream sauce. Generous amount of fresh scallops, aromatic wild porcini and shitake mushrooms. Unlike the usual carbonara white sauce pasta, this dish doesn't really overwhelm the stomach.

Caipirinha, a cocktail

I should have taken notes about this cocktail but I remember it being quite strong and it has rum. Sweet but the alcohol may be too strong for some. For me, I enjoyed it...sip by sip.



Petto Di Manzo Con Vino Rosso, RM40

This dish was so beautiful, I just had to post 3 shots of it. Wood fired oven roasted beef ribs in a reduction of red wine on a bed of mashed potato. The meat was so tender that it would just fall off from the bone with just a fork. The mash potato was seasoned perfectly and it still had a certain degree of chunkiness instead of a plain-mash-paste like texture.

Panna Cotta, RM12

Simple creamy Italian pudding but the pudding's texture was a tad bit hard. Other than that, the pudding okay.

We Three Kings of crème brûlée are

This desserts are called Crema Catalana Napoletana. 3 delicious flavors and caramelized top layer, these were prepared perfectly. Becareful though because the crème brûlée are really hot when served; noticed the bubbling edges at the side(top layer)? My favourite is still the Vanilla and Strawberry flavor. Chocolate flavor was nice but I think it overshadowed the other flavors of a crème brûlée. This sweet delight is only RM16!

Me and the man behind all the awesome food

This place is definitely a must try for pizzas and pasta. Delicious food at such reasonable price range, family dinners are perfect! Just remember to go easy on their crème brûlée desserts.

Last but not least, thanks Evelyn for the invite and Italian Tomato for having us that night.

61 Jalan Maarof,Bnagsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur,

You may also check out their Facebook page over here.


  1. Interesting. I've never seen fizzy/bubbly sangria

  2. But the taste....sedap!

    Quite different from other place la but as long as it's good, I'm okay with it. Slightly stronger than the one I had at Nat Geo cafe(lot10)

  3. Hi ANDREW
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  4. Best sangria ever, for sure.

    And it's not fizzy, it's just bubbly.

  5. hell yeah, I'm planning to bring my parents there next time :P for now, I need to recover from the POST CNY effect - Flu and cough. damnit.


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