Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee At Petaling Street

So I've heard about this place...via foursquare

Doing this post sure brings back alot of memories of my wedding preparation. To be exact, it was preparation for the betrothal of gifts to the bride and family. Our objective was to place order for some traditional wedding biscuits at this place called Fung Wong Biscuits at Petaling Street. We got to know of this place from googling "traditional Chinese wedding biscuits" or something along those lines. We booked 38 boxes and stayed a tad bit longer at the place to check out their assortment of biscuits. While being there, there was a little "incident" with an aunty and the shop's teenage sales lady(looks 20-ish anyway).

The aunty was just asking the girl how much one of the product cost. Instead of informing the aunty about the price, rudely, she said "There are price labels sticked on it". Furious, the aunty replied condescendingly "Why can't you just tell me? Don't you know I can't read?" Still, the aunty grabbed whatever she wanted and paid for it. The lady at the cashier was embarrassed  but yet, didn't apologize.

ANYWAY, we got what we wanted and we had extra time to kill before heading back home. As soon as I checked in Petaling Street via foursquare, a friend's foursquare tip popped up. He recommended a wan tan mee place called Koon Kee with simple landmarks to find it. It's opposite Hong Leong Bank

Sit back and relax

The place might bring back memories for some but I could tell that this place has been around for a long time.


Simple and classic, char siew wan tan mee


No offense to those that love the wan tan mee here but I didn't find anything spectacular about the wan tan mee nor the char siew. Don't get me wrong, the wan tan mee tasted fine but I think I have gotten used to tastier and thicker caramelized char siew slices, thicker and more fragrant black sauce and noodles that are springier. With that said, the presentation and taste does give a sense of nostalgia.

The wan tan was decent

A sumptuous bowl of Sui Gow


We also ordered a bowl of sui gow. Pretty similar to the wan tan but sui gow are normally 2 times bigger with more fillings. The sui gow was delicious and I really like them. Fresh pork, prawn, mushroom fillings and they even use parleys to make it even more fragrant.

Can't remember the price for the sui gows but I think the price for the wan tan mee was RM5 for a large order.

Address? It's at Petaling Street and the only landmark I can give is Hong Leong Bank(Koon Kee is opposite of Hong Leong Bank). Might take awhile for you to find it but it shouldn't be too difficult.


  1. quite yummy and has been around for ages. thanx for reminding me that we've not eaten here for the longest while:D

  2. Yeah, last one One World Hotel :P or was it Merry Guinness hehe

  3. awesome.. i go there everyday for lunch :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hey.. I went there today after an absence of many months. tetiba I rindu :D..but to my disappointment.. it tastes horrible now and i ordered a large..but a large looks small la.. it was cheaper a few years and my friend had the normal wantan mee with nothing extra added or costs us RM16 in total.. was really shocked to see the expensive price...the best part.. this seems small but for me is big.. they only served us 2 wantan's...when I went there a few years ago...they served us 3.. So really disappointed with this shop.. I now prefer the wantan mee shop @ pudu.. it costs rm5 and it is LARGE..with 3 WANTANs.. :S.. thats my opinion..hope to see you guys to go check it out :/ ..

  6. @tvan: Yeap. I guess they didnt maintain their standards. I have my wan tan mee elsewhere now. :) better choices hehehe

  7. I also prefer other wan tan mee outlets - tastewise, not much different.

  8. you shld try it 4 yrs bck, it taste like heaven at tht time & yes d quality is fading..

    1. Yeah probably. I guess its too late for that. There are so many other places which tastes better.


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