Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taipei Day 1 - Gown and Suit Choosing

Where am I going?

Okay so it was where I WENT.

It has been 3 months since my marriage in October 2011. I get the same old questions from friends and relatives. Not that I mind(honest). It's just a way to get a conversation going you know.

Top Asked Questions
  • So how is married life?
  • When is little Andrew/Amanda coming?
On the contrary, this post isn't about that. I plan to blog about my wedding. It has been a long journey and Thank God, we are finally done with the hectic wedding ceremony! Just kidding guys. I had lots of fun and we(wifey and I) are really thankful for all the help and support from friends, family and relatives. I didn't blog stages of my wedding preparations last year because planning and coordinating it was stressful enough and I didn't want to start a new blog or any site regarding my wedding, unlike my sister who had a site about her marriage. I shall start it off with my pre-wedding photoshoot cum holiday at Taipei.

To cut some long story short:
  • Went to a Wedding fair at Mid Valley around June or July of 2010
  • Ended up signing up with VIVI Bride
Fast forward to March of 2011, our pre-wedding shoot awaits us at Taipei!

International Flight

Air Asia, now everyone can fly

This was my FIRST airplane ticket purchasing in my life. There was some hiccups thanks to Air Asia's shitty web booking engine. My RETURN information didn't include SEATS selected as well as baggage limit. After a few weeks of emailing and calling, my bookings were sorted out. I selected my seats so that me and wifey would be seated together, comfortably.

Some took comfortable to another level

Since I didn't pre-book any meal, we bought it on board. Expensive but to hell with it. I need food.


Kung Pao power!


The ever delicious nasi lemak

Cold weather = Hot Drink = Syiok

After about 4 hours in the air, we finally arrived at Taoyuan International Airport. It was cold! brrrrr


Dog sniffer! As my wifey has been to Taipei before for her company trip, she said that this was the same dog sniffer during her previous trip. Probably 2 years back?

Oh look, a welcome signboard!

Another one! okay I was just kidding around

As soon as we got outside to get a taxi, we were like "OMG it's so COLD". We could see our own breath. I tried taking pictures of our own breaths but sadly, I failed.


Ended up taking solo shots :P

The taxi system there is quite efficient and organized! There will be a man asking where you are going and he will get his drivers ready for you. Of course there will be waiting time and all but comparing with the taxi system(if we have any) in Malaysia with the one at Taipei, there's quite a huge difference.

Oh look, taxi!

Left side driving

Weather report: cold and misty

Car plate number that says FU indirectly, priceless

I don't think that place serves Udon

After about 30-40minutes of car ride, we finally arrived at our hotel. The bridal studio booked the hotel for us to get a cheaper price; RM120 instead of RM180 a night. I didn't take pictures of the hotel from the outside as it was cold and all so I only took some pictures of our room. To be honest, not too shabby.







Mother of God, the refrigerator is absolutely DRY

We manage to get some rest and I wanted to watch some stuff on TV before heading out for dinner. I took the remote and...



ANYWAY, I have a habit of opening up drawers at hotels or resorts with an enthusiastic hope of finding something. True enough, I found something.

I swear to God, that is not mine.

We had a simple dinner before heading to VIVI bridal shop for gown and suit testing. I didn't take any photos at this point as we were rushing for time. Quite a busy day for day 1 but it was fun. I shall leave you with a  "potong stim" video of that night.

That's all for Day 1 at Taipei. It was basically gown and suit testing/choosing for our pre-wedding shoot on the NEXT day. Crazy right? As soon as we arrived at Taipei, we had to go through the rigorous process of gown and suit choosing.

Day 2 will be up next so stay tuned!


  1. Andy, How much did you pay for the entire package?

  2. excluding flight... approx RM5K

  3. lol~~ofcox chinese~~there are taiwan~~LOL~~
    time table so full der rite?!

  4. day 1 wasn't bad eh? contents of the drawer is interesting . mwahaha:P

  5. @jasmine:
    Yeah, always in a rush but after our shoot, it was okay already.

    haha yeah was like "whoa!" XD

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