Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mindef - Clothes That Poke Eye

Here is a screenshot from The Star in case they were to edit their statement.
Article can be found here.

So I tested google translate when the famous "clothes that poke eye" first came to light. Google translate wasn't mentioned at that time in papers but the results from it was ACCURATE. When I read the news today, AGAIN, I went ahead to test and I think google translate is smarter than whoever translated it in the first place.

The translation?

So where is the clothes that POKE EYE? Time for some reverse engineering.

And the translation is...

I'm a fan of 9gag so I thought I will do a tribute.


  1. I tried that too. And yeah, this is mind boggling.

  2. Imagine if googled sued Mindef LOL

  3. oh my, what a trash...


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