Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My blog's a stereo

I'm sitting here pondering what to blog about and I finally chosen one of my "must get out of my chest" topic to blog.What am I talking about? Simply, Food bloggers.

Before one speculates, nope, I'm NOT sour towards anyone. Honest. The harsh fact is about how one perceive food bloggers these days. A lot of things happened lately and I started thinking, what do people assume we, bloggers do? Yes, even friends who are dear to us.

"Ah, one of those blogger justifying why this and why that". 

Seriously, take a good look around. People are stereotyping everything; bloggers, photographers, models and the list goes on. Granted, there are many who have explained that we, bloggers don't just eat for free but those articles might not even be read by many because they're probably thinking "I-don't-care-as-I-am-not-a-blogger-anyway".

Blogging is fun for me. I blog whenever I am free or whenever I have the mood for it. It doesn't require a dedicated time or day. That's how amazing and beautiful it is. An online diary perhaps but it's here to stay unless the world ends and blogspot removes everything I've posted.

I started blogging back in 2003. Back then, the handphone I was using the almighty super white LED keypad Nokia 3610 and I was camera-less as my sister was holding on to the digital camera during her university time. Then came year 2007 when I started my second blog. Finally, came year 2010 and I decided to have a clean start; my new blog which you're currently reading.

To make the long story short, I got to meet many new friends through blogging and attending events. Not long after, I was invited to several food review which lead to where I am today; not that I'm so "atas", but you get the picture.


I would LOVE to explain that we, food bloggers don't just do food review for free but I have some other topics instead.

Are your reviews real and honest?

Yes and yes. All my reviews are honest and I don't sugar coat. Of course, everyone's taste buds are different and extremely subjective. Food review isn't to please you with superb food pictures and flowery language to make you fantasize about the food but it is to share our dining experience. It's like an online food guide. Also, it doesn't have to be from invited food reviews only; WE DO PAY for my own meals you know?

What happens if you've posted a good review but others say OTHERWISE after trying out the place?


I believe its beyond our control. There are so many factors which may come into play. Did the restaurant change chef(s)? No quality control? Was the ingredients fresh? What happened? What happened to the glorious food that we, food bloggers talked about for a particular place?

My answer: How would we know?

Whatever we experienced during our food review(even personal ones that we paid for), we would gladly share them. We would try our level best to explain how the food tasted, share a little about the ambiance of the place and also information about the restaurant/cafe; all these so that you would roughly know what you'll be enjoying for your visit. If things don't go as expected, are we food bloggers to be blamed or worse, accused of being FAKE?

Don't tell me you've never had a bad review thus far?

Nope. Not really. Apart from one food review that went wrong due to poor management by the restaurant, I have never been to any food review which was bad. I'm a simple guy. If the food is nice, it is nice. I don't have to explain till the heavens for a food review.


Let's say I DO come across a bad food review. What would I do? Simple. It's either I don't blog it or blog it honestly. I don't like going behind my principal about blogging fake food review. If this would lead to lesser or no more food review invites, so be it. I would rather be honest in my review than to be this low for "free food" as some might say.

So what's up?

p/s: I want more food reviews invites please. kthxbye


  1. haha...cute post and i certainly remember that one horrible bad review experience:P

    i like writing what tickles my fancy rather than just food review. hmmm is putting up my recipes considered a review of my kitchen's food? hehehe

  2. Awesome photos and true enough bloggers are being stereotyped

  3. @missy: Yeah we all do LOL. Thank God, that was the only one hahahaha

    @Sherrie: Thanks :P That's the sad part. I just have to voice out a little. It's unfair to some of us who blogs honestly.

  4. Nicely said. And great photos bro :)

  5. @Vernon: Thanks bro! Glad u enjoyed reading it although its quite a short post.

  6. ...as long as you say it as it is constructively, your reviews will have credibility.
    hey, where's the review on the christmas charm? ;)

  7. Been busy Jo and been unwell after I came back from CNY. This post was random ranting :P

    Don't worry, :P I didnt forget about the lovely charm. Thanks ya :P

  8. ooh...CNY bug, I caught one too before the break. Hope you are up and running now, Andrew :)

  9. Love your photos! keep it up!



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