Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I was listening to on the way to work and one of the main topics of the day was scams as it was also one of the headlines in The Star newspaper today.

Screenshot of the sms I received

Scams are all over the place; phone calls, email, sms or even through snail mail. Just becareful and use common sense. If you did not enter any contest, how would you win? No telco company will select random sim card holders to be winners of some unheard contest. If there are any contest, it will be publish officially in the papers.

So please, becareful and as Pua Chu Kang would say it; "Use your blain!".

*Yeap, I kept that SMS for blogging purposes LOL.


  1. enjoy reading your blog... :)

    i am an old mama just new to internet..

    Auntie Jia

  2. Thanks for dropping by :)

    Glad you enjoy reading it too.


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