Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sup Kaww @ Kelana Jaya

Betul - betul Kaw - Kaw punya

I was supposed to try out Hakm's burger but sadly, luck wasn't on my side. The truck wasn't there at its usual spot(according to Marcky). Marcky brought me to one of his favourite makan place nearby called Sup Kaww! Its not hard to find just probably unknown to most people. Why? Its not facing any main road and secondly, you might not even notice the restaurant as you exit from Giant Kelana Jaya.

I didn't take any pictures of the place(for some stupid reason) but its simple and not too shabby. Outdoor like ambiance; a nice place to chill with friends over some good malay style food. There are ALOT of food to choose from. The soup ranges from Sup Daging, Sup Tulang, Sup daging with all the different types of beef parts + bones. Mee goreng, telur dadar, nasi goreng and ayam masak merah; they have it here. I only tried 2 things which Marcky recomended for starters; Sup Kaw - Daging and Nasi Goreng Kampung.

Horlick Shake - Marcky's order. I tried some as well. Freaking awesome...its been so long since I last tasted Horlicks and this was very nice. Not too sweet.

Teh Peng(tea milk) - biggie..I should have ordered Horlick Shake instead :P

Nasi Goreng Kampung


When I first tasted the nasi goreng kampung, it was kinda like missing something. But after adding some of that belacan into the mix, its a whole new taste. Simply delicious. I won't say that the nasi goreng kampung had to rely on this belacan to taste good but this belacan compliments the nasi goreng kampung extremely well.

The long awaited dish - Sup Kaww! I mean Sup Daging

This sup daging is simply awesome. Its thick, rich in flavor and best of all, lots of beef. All that for a mere RM5.00. The soup has loads of black pepper but it doesn't kill the taste. It's like after the first sip of the soup, it makes you wanting more? I didn't finish the entire soup but I had my fair share of it and the last bit was all the stuff they used to boil the soup(too thick). The 'pepperish' sensation gives you that nice warm feeling around your throat but not till the extend of being too spicy. Well that was how I felt after trying the sup daging. All I can say is, come here and try out the food because everyone's taste bud might be different.

Where is this place? Let me help you:

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