Monday, August 23, 2010

Food review became Fool Review

Hi, I'm a food blogger. I enter your restaurant, dine and walk off. Wait. I haven't paid yet but I'm food blogger so free lor. Ok? Leng Mou?
Updated 24.08.2010

Update 23.08.2010: May be I overreacted  in posting this. Its only one side of the story that we've heard so far. Unless free-food-blogger can explain/justify/defend himself, I'll leave this post as it is.

Update 24.08.2010: The free-food-blogger has spoken and updated his blog. Miscommunication is the greatest sin of all. Also, food tasting industry standard? whoa, this is new. Hopefully everything is okay now.

Well, I was pissed at first because when the news came out, his blog just vanished as mentioned before. Now that he is out with the truth, everyone should be fair and judge the situation accordingly.


Before you go WTF, yeah this is a true story. Why am I pissed and disgusted? Because a free-food-blogger who I used to admire his food pictures and review went nuts with his nuts. I saw a friend's retweet and I just had to check it out.

The news can be found here.

Shocking? Yeah I was shocked too. My friend introduced me to this free-food-blogger's blog and I was amazed at his food photography and food review. I've also watched one of his video where it was some interview session on him and his blog.

When I tried to view free-food-blogger's blog, its gone! GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Ok la I was reading it for a few minutes when I tried to click on the About link, it was gone. Awwww *pat pat*.

I guess the saying is very true:  "Never judge a book by its cover"

Even though I ain't a huge/famous/made it/admired food blogger, I am disgusted. So far, my food reviews that I've done are PAID on my own else INVITED. How thick can one's face be to just walk into any restaurant and DEMAND for a free meal.

The reason we, who are considered blogger/food blogger is because we want to share good food.

To put it bluntly. This guy just fucked himself up. You want to do a food review? The restaurant just gave you a FOOL REVIEW.

Its a good Monday indeed.


  1. People are still hating him.

    For me, neutral. But the PR was really messed up. Miscommunication to the max.

    Oh yeah, same goes for everything, never assume :D


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