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St. Patrick's Day - Guinness Biggest Pub Crawl

Specially decorated Gen2 for St. Patrick's Day

This is one major event which I think GUINNESS and all the people involved in the St. Patrick's Day celebration did a fantastic job. It was a 3-day citywide celebration but I only went for the 2nd day of the event.


Parking spots were allocated at Hartamas and those decorated Gen 2 are used to chauffeur us from the car park area to Souled Out. VIP treatment; very nice. It was pretty early and most of us were exchanging greetings and what not. It's been a LONG time since I last saw some of them.


The place was full of St. Patrick's Day celebration decor. Food was great but I was busy eating and chatting till I didnt take photos of what was served. Apart from that, I was also mispronounciating words. My excuse?


Yes indeed, it's the GUINNESS. Just kidding, I was still sober but it sounds like a good tagline right? It was sort of like "free-flow" but we have to use vouchers given in our goodie bag to exchange for a cup(or a pint?) of GUINNESS. I'll show you guys the vouchers later on.


Abandon ship chairs and tables!

Not long after, the weather wasn't on our side. It started to rain which kinda sucks for us; we're stuck outside of Souled Out under a canopy. The good thing is, we still have GUINNESS and friends to enjoy it with :) DRINK UP!

Me and Kelly. Thanks Simon for the photo

So we hung out under the canopy since we're not able to move around anyway. Even though we couldn't see Douglas Lim and Jenhan doing their stand up inside of Souled Out, we could hear them from the outside. Time was about 8.00pm and that means it was time for GUINNESS BIGGEST pub crawl. But before we made our way to Changkat Bukit Bintang, GUINNESS Biggest pub crawl started off with a GUINNESS Pub Crawl parade!

Party people!


The bus that some of us are boarding, Bus C

Camwhoring before we start our journey to Changkat Bukit Bintang.


There were 4 buses to chauffeur us from Hartamas to Changkat; Bus A, B, C(which I'm on) and D. To make the experience even awesomer, GUINNESS even had help from the police. Some were to guide traffic while we had a few police on their bikes escorting us in order for us to reach Changkat Bukit Bintang as soon as possible. We were like a bunch of menteris and menterians on the way to Changat Bukit Bintang in style.


Our first stop was at a pub called Nevermind. We chilled at Nevermind for awhile before going around on our scavenger hunt. What better way to enter the night with more GUINNESS.

Me and Kelvin

Marcky and Hitomi

Once we were done with drinking, we started working on our scavenger hunt objectives as there were two mini Ipads(main prize) and 24 cans of GUINNESS to be won!

One of the objectives, find the green man and take a picture with him.

People Mountain, People Sea

I swear to God, they weren't doing Gangnam/Harlem nor the YMCA


Another challenge was to prepare our own pint of GUINNESS. So I tried to observe how she did it.



Okay so I had some help from Ben. Well, I got to know him from the Glenmorangie event last year. I doubt he remembers me but I still said "Hi, What's up, How are you?"; the usual. He's really a nice guy. He gave me some pointers on how to prepare my own GUINNESS.

We all manage to prepare our own GUINNESS and we deserve a cam whoring session

While waiting for the lucky draw to happen, I was walking around, checking out the crowd when suddenly, someone grabbed my hand. He was DJ Daryl B. He probably thought I was one of the official photographers as I was walking around with my DSLR. LoL. But anyway....

SMILE! :D From Left - Right: Prem from Fly FM, GUINNESS babe, DJ Daryl B, GUINNESS babe, Jeremy Teo from Red FM.


Last but not least, a shot of the lovely ladies who stood for a very long time to collect everyone's "GUINNESS PASSPORT" which is used to collect stamps for each objectives cleared. And hopefully, it'll bring me some luck :P

Guess what?

It was an awesome night and GUINNESS really went all out for St. Patrick's Day. I believe we all enjoyed ourselves. Despite the earlier downpour, the night was still young and we drank our hearts out. Well, I only had about 6 cups of GUINNESS.

Anyway, check out the goodie bag that GUINNESS prepared for us:

This was the "consolation" prize that I've won. There were only 8 crates of GUINNESS and I was one of the lucky winner. Not too shabby eh?

Of course, a cool tshirt from GUINNESS for the St. Patrick's Pub Crawl and tshirt courtesy of

Although I don't really use it but damn, this is a cool bottle opener


So how do you want it? Hook or twist?


This is not given in the goodie bag. We got this after we returned to Souled Out Hartamas from Changkat and before leaving the bus. It's really soft(in fact, too soft) but since it's a limited edition from GUINNESS, it's all good my friends :D

So did you guys manage to collect the first 2 designs?

Drink coasters from


These were the vouchers given to us in the goodie bag. If I'm not mistaken, there were probably about 6 to 8 servings per person. I used about 2 before leaving for Changkat Bukit Bintang and I couldn't find my vouchers in the bus while we were on the way to KL. So I thought probably someone took my vouchers. However, thanks to Marcky, Hitomi, and Kelvin, they were more than willing to share their vouchers with me for more GUINNESS goodness. I mean, they couldn't finish it anyway :P Still, thanks guys. :)

All I have to say is thank you GUINNESS and to everyone who has worked behind the scene(PR peeps?) to organize such an awesome and successful event. We were really treated like VIPs and to have police escorting you to KL, it not something that you get to see/have easily.

Till next year, IT'S THE GUINNESS!

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