Monday, March 11, 2013

Village Park - What happened? Greed?

By the time I'm done with this post, it would seem like I've been complaining about food outlets huh? To be honest, that's not really the case. I do have some GOOD food reviews coming up but first, this is about my favourite place for nasi lemak; well, ex-favourite place.

I used to recommend friends and loved ones about this place for nasi lemak but I think I'll stop doing that. I'm kinda appalled by the quality of service, food preparation and the current ambiance of the place from what it used to be. It's been awhile since I went to Village Park for nasi lemak and with that, my wifey and I went there on Saturday; at about 10am.

As soon as I got near the place, I was shocked. Not only was it extremely crowded, it was dumbfounding. Tables were set up not only infront of the place, but BOTH on the left and right side of their restaurant(on the road). Okay, let's not spoil the mood. We got a parking spot and went ahead with our plan; to have nasi lemak.

Luckily, we got a table within afew minutes. This is where the horror began. NO ONE came to take our orders. Even when I called for them to clear the table, they kept saying "Nanti Nanti, banyak orang"(hold on, hold on. There are too many people). No shit Sherlock. There are TOO MANY tables. While waitng for my table to be cleared(and for someone to take my order), you are surrounded by angry patrons and the staffs are running around like it's a bus station; chaotic.

"Mana saya punya Nasi Lemak? Sudah 20 minit?" *Where is my nasi lemak, it has been 20 mins
"Mana saya punya Teh? Sudah order tadi" *Where is my cup of tea? I've ordered it earlier
"Mana saya punya Roti bakar?" *Where is my toast bread?

And the list goes on. It's simple. Everyone was agitated. Instead of chit chatting over a meal, everyone was waiting and checking on their orders over and over again.

When our food came, it looked like the staff just scooped some rice with their hands and slap it unto your plate. Utterly, a plate of disappoinment. The food presentaion and portion was horrible. You could tell it was just prepared in a fast manner; just to get the food out. I could buy a packet of nasi lemak from a roadside stall, and the amount of rice would be MORE than what was served. Why am I paying RM8.30 for this?

Anyway, we got our food, ate and it was time for payment. The line for payment is long, which is fine with me. While waiting in line, I was observing on how they were dishing up the nasi lemak on the hot plate to be served. It's like a fast food process; Slap some rice on, throw in the chicken, sprinkle in some peanuts, fried anchovies and sambal. They don't care how it's presented and they don't even bother with consistency of rice portion. What happened to the nice-bowl-shaped amount of rice?

And when you're at the counter to make payment, you'll see pictures of so-called celebrities and political figures dining at their place. Not forgetting the Time Out KL Food Award which they won too. I don't think those will matter if the quality of your service and food presentation is neglected.

Obviously, I don't major in hospitality or worked in a food and beverage industry but by watching some of the foodie programs on AFC, I think people tend to forget that it's not just about quality of the food but the quality of the service and food presentation as well.

Village Park used to be a place where family and friends can gather to have a good meal. Despite the long wait, people were still willing to wait patiently. It's a family restaurant and not a fast food outlet, it doesn't have to be complicated; you simply have too many tables and your staffs can't manage! Show some love and passion  quality control for the food.

I think one word sums it all; GREED.

If Village Park was the only place for such nasi lemak, I would have no choice but to go there whenever I have the urge to have their nasi lemak.

But guess what? THERE IS ONE SAVING GRACE. I have another place for nasi lemak. The taste is 99.9999999999% similar to the one at Village Park. Alittle more expensive(by RM1.50 or so) but you get good service and awesome food portion(and CONSISTENT too). Also, the sambal is nicer too; alittle spicier.

I will share this location soon :)

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