Sunday, March 24, 2013

PUMA Finale Party tickets give away!


W'sup guys! I was at PUMA Crossover Party last Friday and I gotta say, the Puma Suede is AWESOME. But this entry is not about that, yet.

As mentioned in my previous blog entry for PUMA Suede, I have some goodies to give away! That's right, FOUR tickets to PUMA Suede Finale Party happening on the 5th of April at CapSquare Hall(8.00PM). PUMA has announced the top 30 winners in the Future Suede designing contest so do check them out on PUMA's Facebook page.

Now, to win a ticket(which allows entry for 2 person), you have to do afew things.

  1. Like PUMA Malaysia's FB Page:
  2. Complete this sentence "Suede since ............"
  3. What is the hashtag used for this campaign?
  4. How many years has it been since the first Puma Suede?
  5. What are some of the modern twist which PUMA made to the new PUMA Suede?
I will RANDOMLY select entries with the correct answers. Please leave your answers in the comment section below with your email address for contact purposes.

CONTEST END DATE: 4.30PM/Friday, 29.03.2013 and winners will be contacted through email for ticket collection details.

Check out my previous blog entry for hints.

Disclaimer: Winners are selected randomly irregardless of gender, race, and religion. Just like Diablo 3; RANDOM IS RANDOM.

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