Monday, March 4, 2013

Burger Kaw Kaw at Mayang Oasis


I blogged about Burger Kaw Kaw back in March 2012 and I got quite a number of views on that post alone. 5 digits to be exact. It was about my experience of a 3 hours wait for a burger. Despite the long wait, everyone was waiting patiently for it. The picture above is what it used to be and if I'm not mistaken, they have built a new stall at the current location(Wangsa Maju).


The new change for Burger Kaw Kaw is not just a brand new stall but it has ALOT of branches now. And lucky me, they have an outlet at Mayang Oasis which is near where I live. Burger Kaw Kaw is now easily available minus the long queue which they used to have.

As grateful as I am, I find that the standards have dropped. Don't get me wrong. It doesn't taste bad but from what I tasted previously, the taste and portion isn't up to par. Don't understand what I mean? Let me explain. As advertised by McDonald and all the major fast food chains around the world, "Product images are for illustration purposes only". So of course I knew what I'm getting is going to look different in terms of looks, food preparation and food portion. But I was quite disappointed with the chicken patty.

This was taken last year back in March.

This was what me and my friend Marcky had when we first tried it; and yes, after a freaking 3 hours wait. It wasn't out of this world but still, it was nice. So we decided to try it again since it was near our place at Mayang Oasis.

Just a note: I'm not using the QUALITY of the PHOTO to judge. I was using my iPhone 4. :P

And this was another Burger Kaw Kaw session that I had with another group of friends on another occasion.

The chicken patty looks awesome right(bottom right - Double chicken patties)? Well, it tastes alright, cripsy but there was more flour than chicken meat. My friend had to literally PEEL the layers of fried flour before digging into the meaty parts; Just like how some who likes to eat their KFC chicken without the fried skin.

I even commented on their facebook page but I didn't get a reply. I said "Please check on the Mayang Oasis branch for consistency". So after all the food reviews, articles and newspaper publishing on Burger Kaw Kaw, I guess this is how things end up.

I can almost hear some readers/Burger Kaw Kaw fans going "Kalau tak suka, jangan makan lah?" "Sial punya budak cina"

Listen, Listen. Listen

Bukan macamtu bro. I hanya nak kongsi mengenai burger ayamtu. Masih sedap....I cuma kena makan semua tepung tepungtu dulu :P. Kalau aku nak makan kat Burger Kaw Kaw lain hari, aku akan pesan burger dengan daging lembu je. Senang cite kan? Oleh itu, jangan salah faham bro bro and sis sis sekalian.

Oh my Bahasa Malaysia. It's been awhile. Should I read more Berita Harian or that car magazine "KERETA"? But anyway, for the price I'm paying. I think I would rather make my own burgers or dine elsewhere. Afterall, we're the one with the buying power *FUH! ECONOMICS*

Remember, pictures are for illustration purposes only

Next burger place to try, myBurgerLab :)

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