Saturday, January 26, 2013

How dirty is your lappy?

Warning, viewer discretion is advised.

I'll admit that I've ate in front of my laptop a couple of times but I have NEVER spilled any drink or gravy on to it. No matter how I avoid that, there's still a shitload of dust hanging around. So I've been ignoring the cleanliness of my laptop until 1 day, I saw a friend's laptop. I'm not gonna say who :P




It was disgusting. Not because any weird stains but the sheer amount of dust and dirt that was between the keys. Once I got back to my place, I started noticing my own laptop(which was still much better than that person).




So I've been telling Marcky that I would clean my laptop soon in our casual MSN-EBUDDY-We-Are-Bored-So-We-Troll moments. But I cleaned it only after 3 weeks from that conversation; w00t!

2 simple tools


A toothbrush and 1 air compressor. Just use any old toothbrush which you are no longer using to brush your teeth. Now, if you don't have an air compressor, don't worry. What you need to do is take a deep breath and blow as hard as you can at a time to increase efficiency and consistent air pressure. Repeat whenever necessary.

After a few minutes, you get a "cleaner" laptop to work with.


I think this part of the laptop was trolling me because I was sure that it was clean when I was viewing with my own eyes. I blame it on my iPhone 4 camera; so much noise in the photo.



Not too shabby eh? I will probably give it another round of cleaning when I get back home in PJ. I'm currently blogging this from my parents place at Setiawan. Let me collect more dust before I get to have some fun with the air compressor again. With that said, I'm actually munching on some durian heong peng.

And yes, it's my company laptop so, please, show some TLC to your company/personal laptop too.

p/s: Please la, just clean that shit up. Do you know how dirty the keyboard area is?

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