Monday, March 25, 2013

Williams Mamak - Farewell and thanks for the memories

This is going to be a post without any pictures. Yeap, it is going to be pure text because I'm just gonna pen down afew words about Williams Mamak.

For those of you who don't know, there is a mamak at SS26 and that mamak place goes by a few names. Williams, William, Warong Williams, William's mamak. Everyone knows that place. William is a guy that everyone knows especially when it comes to ordering your food and paying for your meal. I used to enjoy eating at that place. Heck, I visited it quite often during my college days.

A wide range of food selection, a huge oven infront of the mamak alongside with a naan making section, it was an attraction for passerbys. Food portion was huge and the food tasted pretty good. As mentioned before, I hung around that place quite often during my college days; mostly for dinner and the occasional supper where my friends and I will hang out after our gaming session(good ol' Counter Strike). Prices back then was reasonable. The place was dirty, next to a drain but yet, it is packed most of the time. You even have police officers dropping by for a meal or two.

Its been awhile since I dined at Williams. Ever since I moved to Puchong, had a girlfriend, graduated, started working, started working out, and got married, I RARELY go to Williams. Afterall, homecooked meals are always better(doh). 

Now that Williams has moved to a new place(still at SS26), the place is at a "cleaner" location I suppose. I would only dine at Williams if a friend wishes to but other than that, I've never thought of having a meal there.

However, I have made a mistake for choosing that place last Friday. I decided to stop at Williams to grab a bite after an event. What a mistake! Here is why. I ordered teh ais, indo mee single with ayam pandan(fried pandan chicken). Once done, I went to William to pay for my meal.

As usual, I greeted William:
"William, berapa?"(William, How much?").

He then asked me what I had and I told him. His reply?
In my mind, I was like WHAT THE FUCK? RM16? So I asked him what is the breakdown. Why RM16 when I only ordered indo mee single with ayam pandan?

In reply, he said
Indo mee RM4, you makan ayam pandan kan?(you ate the fried pandan chicken right?). Ayam pandan RM10, teh ais RM2.

So okay, I paid for my meal and went back into my car, cursing at myself. Why did I choose Williams. I KNEW things will be expensive. But I only ordered a plate of indo mee(single portion that comes with an egg) with a piece of fried pandan chicken. And being at a mamak I was expecting my meal to be somewhere between RM8~RM12. Is that reasonable for what I've ordered? RM4 for my indo mee, that's fine but RM10 for a piece of chicken? To make matters worse, what I had wasn't really a piece of fried pandan chicken. No. It was more like a piece of fried log with generous amount of salty seasoning. I did not enjoy it at all. It wasn't tender to begin with and it was extremely salty(I did not finish it too, too salty). Definitely not worth RM10.

With that said, its not that I stinge alot. I HAVE money. The main question here is, "Is it worth it?" If the chicken was nice, I probably would have dusted it off my shoulder by saying "Okay lah, once in awhile only". I could have gone to McDonald's with RM16 and still have money to spare!

Wait a minute. Andrew, it's only one bad experience and you're bitching about it? Calling it quits?

Oh no, no, no. I think the food there isn't as good as before. And for the price that I might be paying for, I would rather take my money and dine elsewhere. For those of you who still enjoy going there, go ahead. It's your money, your choice. I have absolute no qualms about that.

But for me, that Friday will be the last time I'm dining at Williams. Thanks for all the memories while it lasted during my college days.

And you know what, fuck the farewell. I'm just not going back there any more.


  1. hahaha, i quit going to williams after i had my bill came out as exp as any indoor clean upscale restaurant.

  2. I think the last time I went there was with you to talk about fitness stuff. HAHAHA and even then also i remembered I complain to you about why they charging us so much for 2 cups of teh tariks...

    1. Haha and your soft boiled eggs wasn't looking too good :P

  3. aye i share your sentiments. i live outside williams but i never go there for the same reasons. don't know why that place is always crowded like shit.

    1. So much for a simple supper eh? I honestly didn't know it was going to be RM10.

      Fuck that shit, I ain't going back.

  4. yeah same here... didn't like that place cause it's overpriced. Better go murni...not ss2 branch la! :)

  5. Crazy! RM10 for pandan chicken? THANX for the heads up!


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