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Restaurant Satellite Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

This place goes a long way back

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When it comes to chicken rice, this place is said to be one of the best in PJ(Yeah, you've probably heard of this line one time too many). Personally, apart from chicken rice prepared at home, this place is definitely at the top of the list. Almost everyone would know this place. Situated along Jalan Gasing, it is easy to spot this restaurant. In fact, this restaurant brings back a lot of memories.

Why? Its located very near from Church of St. Francis Xavier(SFX) where I used to serve in the music ministry. Be it breakfast, lunch or early dinner, this was the place where me and my friends would dine regularly after music practice or before the church service starts. The food was very good, reasonably priced(I was a college student then) and its near for us to walk from church.

However, with that said, its been a long time since I last had the chicken rice from this restaurant. As I'm staying in Puchong, I don't pass by that area often. Not until a few months back, my wife and I started attending church service at SFX again; previously it was either at Church Of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Puchong or St. Ignatius Church near Kelana Jaya.

Fresh steamed chicken

Simple yet so flavorful. Just like any other chicken rice restaurant, you may choose which part of the chicken you would like to have. Even after all these years, their consistency is amazing. What you don't see in the picture are also slices of cucumbers below the chicken meat. All in all, a classic chicken rice meal waiting to be enjoyed by many.

This little guy deserves some attention

Why do I even bother with the chili? Its the same everywhere. Not true. The chili here is fresh while some restaurants don't even bother checking if the chilies are still fresh. It has just the right amount of spiciness and yet the flavor balances out with the garlic and other seasoning to seal the deal. If you would like the refill of the chili, just help yourself to the huge container storing it. Just remember to give it a gentle stir as the chili and other ingredients tends to settle at the base of the container.

This is like a must have whenever I have my chicken rice here.

I think they make their own pork meat ball. Texture wise, fresh and springy and the size of it is pretty big. Best of all, it only cost RM0.50 per meat ball while other places are charging RM1.00 for ONE.

An important side dish :)

Fresh plate of bean sprouts. Very good serving portion and thankfully, it doesn't have that weird strong aroma which some people may dislike. Nevertheless, these are fresh and crunchy.

A cup of joy

Unrelated to chicken rice but I must say, the tea here are freaking tasty! This is not one of those three layer tea. I just ordered "Teh" and this was served. The tea was very fragrant and the sweetness was just right. I didnt even mention kurang manis which means less sweet in the Malay language.


How can I not talk about the rice. Without a doubt, very fragrant but a little mushy. Whatever the case may be, it's still a delicious plate of steamy hot oily rice.

Eating here was nostalgic indeed. I don't know the breakdown price for my meal, but the total was RM21. For me, its still one of the best chicken rice in Klang Valley. Classic coffee shop ambiance with unpretentious chicken rice, just awesome.

Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice
103 Jalan Gasing 10/1,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact No: 03 - 7956 6830


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