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Good Evening Bangkok

Good Evening Bangkok

Last week was pretty rough for me but hey, its a brand new week and I shall embrace it by sharing a new food review post! Hurray! I was invited to try out a Thai restaurant called "Good Evening Bangkok" at One Utama. It's pretty hidden but not difficult to find. I'll get into more details later.




Yeah, not many places are doing it

The restaurant is quite spacious. Relaxing ambiance with decor to compliment the mood. There are a few VIP rooms but its a tight setting if you ask me. Nevertheless, a private place is available if needed.



Now that you've seen the place, on to the food! Well, drinks first.

Thai Iced Tea, RM9

Similar to a typical 3 layer tea, this was nice but the drinking glass was tall and narrow so just make sure you give it a good stir before drinking it.

Sour Plum Calamansi, RM8

The drink itself is nice but not sour enough.

Iced Lemongrass, RM8

For those of you who love lemongrass drink, the ones over here is superb. But I felt the lemongrass was alittle overwhelming and I couldn't taste the lemon flavor.

Lime Rose Drink, RM8

A well balance of sweetness and lemon flavor.

Yam Pla Duk Fu / Crispy Catfish and Mango Salad RM17.90

Our first dish was the Yam Pla Duk Fu. Very good contrast and the flavors really got our appetite running. Unripe mango were used for a mix of sweet and sour taste. The fried catfish added some texture and crunchiness.

Tho Man Pla / Thai Fish Cake served with Sweet Chili Sauce RM13.90

Next up was Tho Man Pla, which is similar to the otak-otak but with a fish ball like chewy and springy texture. However, the Thai fish cake flavor didn't really stand out compared to a standard otak-otak in terms of spiciness and fish aroma. Not sure if it was intended by the chef to drop down a notch for the spiciness of the fish cakes but the sweet chili sauce did help to enhance the overall taste. I would definitely recommend this dish for starters.

Goong Hom Sa Bai / Deep Fried Prawn wrapped in Wanton Skin served with Plum Sauce RM14.90

Succulent prawns wrapped in wanton skin was delicious! Its tasty enough to even eat it own its own without the plum sauce.

Tom Yam Poh Teak / Spicy Clear Tom Yam Soup RM12.90

Don't be fooled by this clear version of tom yam soup, this soup feels very rich and packs a whole lot of spiciness. But its the type of spiciness that makes you crave for more. Some might find this one too spicy so do take note.

Tom Yam Talay / Spicy Tom Yam Soup with Seafood RM12.90

Despite having a "curry" look, this tom yam is slightly milder than the clear soup tom yam.

Tom Yam Goong / Spicy Tom Yam Soup with River Prawn RM15.90

Another version of a tom yam soup with River Prawn.

Gaeng Keaw Wan Gai/Nue / Green Curry Chicken/Beef RM15.90/RM16.90

Thai Green curry is one of my must have dish when it comes to Thai food. The one we had was the chicken version. The texture of the curry was nice without being too thick and creamy. You get to savor the sweet and fragrant aromas coming from the coconut milk but it doesn't overshadow other flavors in the dish.

Nue Sab Phad Kra Prow / Stir Fried Beef with Hot Basil Leaves RM17.90

A subtle dish but it has so much to offer. The beef was not overcooked and topped with basil leaves for that fresh aroma.

Pia Kapong Nueng Manow / Steamed Siakap with Lime and Chilies RM47.90

This is one of my favourite dish of the night. The steamed Siakap was very fresh and sweet. The soup or fish broth was very rich in flavors. Most of us were scooping the soup into our rice bowl because it was so appetizing. Just like the clear soup tom yam,  the soup was spicy and sourish which really compliments with fish well.

Phak Bung Prik Kapi / Stir Fried Kangkung with Belacan and Garlic RM13.90

It's either my taste buds have gone numb because of all the other dishes but I felt this dish was lacking something. I couldn't really taste the flavors of belacan. Nevertheless, the vegetable was still nice, just lack of flavor.

Gai Hor Bai Tuey / Pandan Leaves Chicken served with Thai Chili Sauce RM17.90

Although most of us were feeling stuffed, we still had room for the pandan wrapped chicken. They were fantastic! The chicken was really fragrant thanks to all the pandan leaves. Despite being deep fried, the chicken was still juicy and tender on the inside.

Ped Ronn / Deep Fried Boneless Duck with Homemade Sauce RM19.90

I was a little disappointed with the duck though. The taste was alright but the meat was a little dry. I guess this dish would be better of if the duck was roasted instead of being deep fried.

After sampling all of the appetizers and main courses, it was finally time to cool off with some mouth watering desserts!

Some water chestnut dessert

Khao Neow Ma Moung / Mango with Sticky Rice RM12

I'm not sure if its just me but I felt like the sticky rice tasted much better than the real mango fruit itself. The sauce that came along side it goes very well with the sticky rice.

Sagoo Plerak Thai Style / Sago Yam with Coconut Milk RM8

Overall, I find it very enjoyable for Thai cuisine. I highly recommend the clear soup tom yam, the fish and pandan wrapped fried chicken for starters. Might be a little pricey but for such authentic Thai dishes, I'd say its worth it.

Thank you, Good Evening Bangkok

The restaurant is located at the new wing of One Utama. Look out for Robot Sushi restaurant because Good Evening Bangkok is just a few doors away.

Lot G323A, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya.

Contact No: 03-7727-8708

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