Monday, July 18, 2011

Paintball turned painfully sour

I just felt like I have to get it off my chest today itself. To make things worse, its Monday. Something ticked me off this morning, BADLY. Some friends know about this but here is the story.

To make this simple, let's just call this Paintball Company as Ball-less. I'm not going to be polite in today's post because I was spoken to in a RUDE manner by some dick head trying to show who's boss. Let's call this guy Mr. Dick Head shall we?

I came into office, checked my email and had quite a number of things to handle as my team lead is on leave. I received a phone call from an unknown number. When I picked up, it was the lady from ball-less whom I've been dealing with for the company paintball event. It was regarding the paintball event that I organized for the company had last Saturday. Everything went well that except a few hiccups with the forms(which is now the issue).

Here is the story.

1 team will have 2 groups - 7 players each(5 male, 2 female) and there are 4 teams. I already told the lady that I will be switching players in between games as it was round robin. She agreed.

Now, she denies it.
My mistake: Not having it included in the email of our conversation/quotation/invoice as black and white.

Fine...lets move on.

#Fault 1 - Check on Payment?
This is ridiculous but the person managing the paintball site said he(or they) weren't even sure whether my company has made payment or not. A call had to be made to the Lady to verify. Hello? Are you guys a company? How do you guys communicate regarding events?

#Fault 2 - Did not stop us
On the day itself(Saturday), 28 players signed the forms, 28 forms when actual number of players arrived was about 41. Their staff at the paintball site said not enough forms as we have paid only for 28 players. My friends and I(we're the committee members for the event) asked him how do we proceed.

He said just play only la - somewhere along those lines.

3 to 4 of us heard that. He didn't say "TAK BOLEH" or "NO" or "I'll check with management". He didn't say anything. Despite 41 players in total, we only used

Markers: 28
Mask: 28
Chest and Back Protector: 28
Neck protector: 28
Pellets: Whatever that we have paid for - 4 boxes.

Now, back to the phone call. At first, I was speaking to the lady regarding the situation but her colleague took over. Who ever spoke to me, you are fucking rude. First of all, watch your tone. WE are your customer. WE PAID for the game last Saturday.

Ball-less kept denying the fact that it was their own mistake but they're pinning the mistake on ME?  EVEN IF, I said EVEN IF we're wrong, why didn't your staff at the site STOP US or make it clear about additional payment?


Kakitangan anda tidak menghalang kita


உங்கள் ஊழியர்கள் எங்களை நிறுத்த சொல்லவில்லை

He knew there was supposed to be 28 players and insufficient forms, why didn't he stop us? I would have told the players about it and it will be MY FAULT but a fault which I have to bear as the organizer for the company event. As mentioned earlier, even if its my fault, why didn't your staff stop us? I think I've said enough.

Phone call No.2 happened a few minutes ago. It was the guy from the paintball site who spoke with us(committee members) this time. Lets call him Mr.Nice.

THIS GUY IS MUCH MORE PROFESSIONAL compared to that Mr. Dick Head in the management office. Despite "sort of" being blamed for not explaining to us clearly, Mr. Nice LISTENED to US and tried to make sense of the situation. During this second call, Mr. Dick Head wasn't present. Only the lady and Mr. Nice.

#Fault 3
What did Mr. Dick Head say during the first phone call? Big, such big words. I'm scared.

"You're not being transparent"
- Oh sorry my clothes are not see-through.

"You're putting your company in the spotlight"
- I think you got it mixed up. YOU are putting YOUR company in the spotlight.

Mr. Dick Head, learn to listen to others before pushing ridiculous blame. It's like going to a restaurant and getting your order overcooked/burnt but yet the restaurant manager blames you, the customer.

I'm leaving the office for an evening run to make myself feel better. Episode 2 will continue tomorrow it seems.

Others, what do you think of the situation?


  1. crap... mismanagement la... cant this ppl talk properly?

  2. Big words from small dicks...hahahaha

  3. Apparently that Mr. Dick Head is the boss or something

  4. i guess it's really their fault for not stopping u guys at the beginning... i think they just want to earn some extra money from u guys...

  5. Hey bro,

    Yea, and whoever talked to me rudely had the balls to say my company(that I'm working for :P ) is trying to cheat.

    If they are so strict in policy, they should have double checked in the first place before letting us to proceed.

    Enough said. So far no news :)

  6. If I were you then I will say I see you in court.

  7. Clearly, Ball-less is at fault!! As a company, they should BE PREPARED for any given situations! Not everyday, things will run smoothly or as planned. As a professional body, they should be polite since you're the customer and take corrective measures and not going back and forth and giving the Customers a harder time. Obviously, they are not a well managed company. Crapy that you have already given them business, but i suggest its best you mentioned the Ball-less company name here so that people would boy-cott them! Honestly, for him threatening your company like that ( for saying you're putting your esteem company in a spot light) then i reckon you should put Mr Dick Head company in the spot light too! After all its freedom of speech and its ur blog anyway. Hopefully from this problem, they have learned a valuable lesson.


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