Friday, July 22, 2011

Paintball Drama Episode 2

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really busy with work. After day 1(Monday), I've been quite stressed up. Not because I feel guilty but to have this whole drama stuck behind my head. I had trouble putting it aside.

I received another call on Tuesday at 9a.m. It was the lady from Ball-less. We spoke for quite awhile regarding the whole drama. Basically, she said that they are not going to argue anymore because its pointless; which I agree. The conclusion was "If you guys don't not take corrective actions, further actions will be taken". That was the instruction from her boss. She didn't want any trouble;  Doh, so did we.

I explained to her that it is not up to me to decide and I need time to discuss it with my colleagues.

Its time to end this nonsense as well. After discussing with my colleagues, we have decided not call/email Ball-less any more because its just plain stupid. Why do we need to justify so much when its clearly not even our fault.

So far things are looking great. No more phone calls/emails from them. Peace, like how it should be. I've learned a valuable lesson from this.

If I were to organize a paintball event in the future, I will know what to look out for(but this is like my 4th time organizing...sheesh). It's not like I missed out on a lot of thing.

For myself:
  • Prepare earlier 
    • I was busy with work and my own wedding preparations, I kinda organized this paintball event in a rushing manner.
  • Black and white
    •  Make sure whatever that was discussed verbally is confirmed via email/contract/paperwork
    • I DID NOT make any mistake here. I did read the contract that I signed. The contract was just to confirm that the price is fixed as per quotation and invoice. Therefore, I have no other obligations AFTER paying and going for the event.
For Ball-less
  • Mr. Dick Head
    • I'm not sure who spoke to me and the lady seems to be avoiding my question each time I asked who was the person. Thanks for zee internet, I might have found out 2 possibilities. Both of them apparently are into paintball and seems to be pro at it.
    • You spoke with good English but BAD attitude( I wanted to say fucked up attitude but let's be a little professional. Either way, I'm still calling you Mr. Dick  Head - oh wait). 
    • Even if a customer is wrong, you should LISTEN to what they have to say. You just kept throwing false accusations. Where is your proof? I have 3 - 4 witnesses regarding whatever happened at the paintball site.
    • During the conference call(2nd phone call), only the lady and Mr.Nice were present but I think we(the committee) heard someone in the background mumbling but I can't prove that. Were you sitting in just to see how your incompetent staff handle their mistake?
    • Your staff should have checked and informed us for corrective actions BACK THEN and not coming back after everything is over.
  • Lady
    • I don't want to blame you but I guess its a mistake by both of us. We should have everything in black and white regarding the switching of players
    • Nothing bad to say because none of us can prove that point above
    • You used the example of a cinema scenario where if you only bought 10 tickets, only 10 person are allowed in. True, but I believe cinema staffs are well aware of their policies and rules. If I were to bring more people, the cinema staff would have STOPPED and EXPLAINED to me that unless I buy more tickets, we can't enter. *ahem*
  • Mr. Nice
    • Communicated well, clear instructions were given during the paintball event and managed the game really well
    • Even though we were blaming you, you spoke with COMMON SENSE and reasoning, unlike your boss Mr. Dick Head.
    • You gotta be firm and let us know when things doesn't seem right because you guys are the paintball company while we merely your customers. We thought you guys already knew the situation. Worse case scenario, make some phone calls?

I hope its the end of this paintball drama.

Next update will be some delicious THAI FOOD review, stay tuned :)


  1. The company staff sounds very non-condescending. Just don't use them anymore.

  2. Yeah, so far no more pathetic phone calls/emails.

    I doubt I'll(company) be engaging them again. :)

  3. try this ok ahh?


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