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Social KL @ G Tower Hotel

Found the spot?

Social KL

My blog has been a little quiet since my last post. I have been busy with work and personal agenda but here I am, back with another food review for you guys. This time, the restaurant is in a hotel called G Tower at KL; Social KL - Restaurant, Bar and Winepost

Probably one the longest juice bar I've ever seen

Did you say wine?

Social KL's theme was quite relaxing with all the wooden furnishings. The restaurant is on the ground floor while the bar is at lower ground.

They actually asked me to snap a photo just for the fun of it, lovely girls :)


Whenever there is a food review in KL, I would have trouble driving there because I'm not familiar with certain roads. However, thanks to Putra LRT, I arrived at the place much earlier and with ease as the LRT station was right next to the hotel(Ampang Park station).


Here is a refreshing Martini, Cosmopolitan; Skky Infusion Citrus(Vodka), Grand Marnier, Cranberry juice with a splash of lime for RM26.90. It was light, balanced of flavors - perfectly mixed in my humble opinion.

My order - Pink Lemonade

The concoction sounds cool; X-Rated vodka, lemon juice topped with lemon lime soda. The vodka was a little stronger in this one but I enjoyed it a lot. Just make sure you give it a good stir and squeeze the lemon for more citrus goodness. This one will set you back at RM26.90 as well.

Social Iced Tea, RM12.90

Served with homemade sorbet. They are 6 different flavors to choose from which are Mango, Kalamasi, Peach, Lime, Lemon and Lychee.

Blue Teapresso, RM15.90

This drink is quite unique. To be honest, I don't even know how to describe the taste. On the left is how it was like initially before stirring it. Once stirred, it becomes a greenish blue drink. Its a concoction of lemon, passion fruit and blue curacao syrup with chilled tea.

Berry Booster

As the name speaks for itself, its a berry booster. A mixture of some of the best berries around for that high fiber goodness; raspberries, blackberries, sweet strawberries and grapes. Yeah, an awesome detox drink indeed. A healthy concoction for a mere RM16.90.

Mango and Lime Lassi

This was the first time I'm having a lassi and adding lime juice to it. I mean, mango, lime, lemon and yogurt. Strangely as it might sound, it tastes pretty good. I couldn't taste the mango initially. My mistake was not stirring it well enough after adding the lime juice. It was nice but I find the mango taste a little faint for the after taste. Unique indeed.

Wild Mushroom Soup with garlic Bread, RM15.90


Oh lookie here, 2 tone cup for this awesome wild mushroom soup served in cappuccino style. I'm just kidding. There were too many flashes going around but still, the soup was nice. I'm pretty sure I've mixed it well but it was a little too salty. But the overall taste; Delicious. I did tell the host about the saltiness of the soup and as this was an invited food review, our criticisms are noted positively. By the way, the cup is pretty huge so I would suggest you guys to share this with 2 person to save some space for your main course.

Not forgetting the garlic bread, it was a perfect combo with the wild mushroom soup. Really fragrant and crispy on the edges. Dip into the soup and you're in heaven.

Peking Duck with Deep Fried Mantou Bun, RM15.90

Old tradition with a new twist. You would normally have this in almost any typical Chinese restaurant where the vegetable, peking duck and mantou bun will be served separately. At Social KL, they prepared everything for you to dine with ease. As shown in the picture, they are served in a "satay" like style. The peking duck was full of flavor, served with wasabi aioli sauce and fresh aroma coming from the spring onion. Although deep fried, the mantou bun was still fluffy and soft on the inside.

Caesar Salad, RM19.90

This my friend needs no introduction. It can be found anywhere from Dome to Gloria Jeans. Just by looking at the presentation of the salad, I can only think of one thing; Freshness. Generous amount of Romaine lettuce, crispy turkey bacon, home-made Caesar dressing and not forgetting the croutons.

Pizza Chicken Satay, RM25.90

Pizza Teriyaki Salmon, RM29.90

These two pizza were simple delicious. Thin crust pizza topped with chicken satay and sauce and mozzarella cheese. To be honest, the satay was very good even on its own. A unique fusion which turned out very appetizing.

The pizza Teriyaki Salmon was good too. Sweet teriyaki salmon, a slices of avocado for that smooth and creamy texture topped with bonito flakes. Between this two, I'm spoiled for choices but I'm gonna stick with the chicken satay pizza.

Peppered Ahi Tuna, RM26.90

Simple dish up front but you have no idea what happened behind the scene. Fresh tuna coated with black pepper, seared quickly in high temperature hot plate. Judging at the color of the tuna, you can tell that it is served medium rare. To enhance the flavors even more, condiments are served along with the tuna; fresh green beans, quail eggs, black olive, white anchovies and balsamic vinaigrette.

Baked Atlantic Cod Fish, RM49.90

Freshly baked cod fish glazed with truffle cream on a bed of mash potato, garnished with green asparagus and baby carrots. This dish packs a whole lot of flavors. Take a small chunk of cod fish with truffle cream, some mash potato along with tiny cuts of asparagus and baby carrots; delightful.

Tagliatelle pasta "seafood jambalaya", RM31.90

One thing I like about this dish is that the assortment of seafood was amazingly fresh. I'm not kidding; the scallops and prawns were very springy and succulent with each bite. Rarely do I find such texture. It may be a food review but I know what I ate. I hope the consistency of these standards remains. For this pasta dish, perhaps it was because the dish turned cold as we were taking pictures, it felt kinda normal but like what I mentioned earlier, the seafood made up for it.

Malaysian Delight, RM29.90

Local dishes are also not to be missed. Here we have beef sirloin cooked in rendang style, stir-fried garden vegetable with sambal, archar(or achar which is pickled vegetables or fruits) and yellow turmeric rice. It was almost perfect but the beef was a little tough but taste wise, spot on! It was still very enjoyable and the beef wasn't entirely tough till you couldn't chew but I did cut them into smaller pieces which helped. Just like the wild mushroom, we gave our thoughts on the beef and it was noted down as well..

Tiger King Prawns Noodle, RM38.90

Before dropping your jaw over the price, do note what goodies you're paying for here; two GIANT king prawns, LOTS of chicken(I think its chicken breast), LOTS of fishcake, one whole hard boiled egg with generous condiments of beansprout and kangkung. The prawn based soup was very fragrant with all the natural sweetness and we've been told that no MSG was added. The overall taste was alright but I prefer to add extra chili paste for that extra kick of spiciness. Prawns were succulent and meaty, as expected with king prawns. Was it worth the price? A little hefty on the price compared to the ones served elsewhere(obviously) but as I mentioned before, you're getting the good stuff so I guess its okay to splurge on a very good meal.

Time for some desserts!

Red Bean Galore, RM12.90

First up is the red bean galore, a scoop of sesame ice cream on red bean with ginkgo nuts. It was delicious but I felt that the sesame ice cream was very good on its own and could do without the red bean and ginkgo nuts. I tried mixing the ice cream with some of the red bean paste but the red bean's flavor kinda overshadow the flavors coming from the ice cream. Nevertheless, do give this dessert a try because its hard to find a place that serves good and delicious sesame ice cream.

Mama Mia Tiramisu, RM12.90

A perfectly prepared dessert to end a hearty meal. Just make sure you scoop till the bottom of the glass to mix the tiramisu with some alcohol. 

Virgin Apple Mojito, RM 15.90

I had this to cool off from all the awesome food. Virgin Apple Mojito. Fresh apples, lime chunks, mint leaves and brown sugar with a splash of soda; super refreshing.

They have a promotion running now from March till June 2011: 6 Naughty and Wicked Nites where there are different promo on each night so do check out their facebook page for more info on this.

G02 and LG02-04, GTower, 199, Jln Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours:
Mon - Sun: 11.00am - 1.00am

Contact No:
603 - 2164 4424


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