Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm trying

The time was 5.30pm and I was looking forward for my evening run after work. I would normally do my runs at Bukit Jalil Park. My usual plan is to run at least 2 rounds which would be approximately 2.7KM per loop. I was consistent; alternating between running and doing weights in a week and resting whenever necessary.

2007 was really a big change for me. I decided to lose weight and I was extremely fortunate to have awesome friends for advice and motivation for both running and working out. I started off with cycling but a colleague in the office noticed my yahoo messenger status about losing weight. He said running would be better and I gave it a shot. Once I started running, I was hooked.

I was never a fast runner but I ran. As much as I would love to join some groups, they were fast but still that doesn't mean they''ll ignore you. They would still support and pretty much encourage you whenever you need a helping hand. I was fairly active in running events; almost a 10KM event every month.

My very first 10KM

My first half marathon (photo courtesy of Pueh Tian)

Super small official photo but still, I felt awesome

Major cramps before the finishing line of Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009, Half Marathon

But I still completed the race.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009, I did half marathon

It sure brings back lot of memories. What about my meals? It wasn't easy. Friends have been advising me on my meals as I was working out as well. Low GI carbs, sufficient protein(tho in my bodybuilding friend's eyes, way below requirement), fiber and number of meals in a day.

Here are some of the meals that I've prepared during the weekdays for lunch and tea time(which would normally be my pre-workout meal).

Chicken breast sandwiches!

Carbs and protein!

A mix of spaghetti, chicken breast and beef

Awesome sandwich!

Home cooked is the best

What do you call this type of spiral pasta? Anyway, mix it up with chicken breast and beef, its awesome!

Chicken breast, beef, sweet potatoes from japan, broccoli and hard boiled eggs

Yeah, this is my lunch

BIG MAC sandwich - Chicken and beef.

Okay I didnt cook the chicken - I bought some chicken breast from the chicken rice stall

Gotta love low GI carbs - Sweet potato!

It ain't perfect but I was satisfied.

Things started to change in 2010 though. I was slacking. I was running but inconsistently and not enough. I did not workout like I used to; I would consider it close to none. I started this new blog which you are reading now and I'm blessed to have known many new friends thanks to my new blog.

From there on, I was pretty much active with my new blog. And not forgetting to count my blessings, I was invited for events as well as food reviews thanks to my friends. But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all the food reviews and event caused me to slack but it did occupy most of my time

It's time for a change.

I started running again in February 2011 because my pre-wedding photoshoot was in the first week of March. By end of the February, I lost some weight although not much. And to my surprise, after my trip to Taipei, I lost about 1.5~2KG which motivated me work even harder in regaining my previous lifestyle of running and working out.

I went for my run yesterday and it was tough. Even though it was just a week off from my running routine since February, I felt a little hard to push for that extra kilometer. Nevertheless, with a mixture of running an walking, it was about an hour in the park.

As I was running, the usual runners comprising members of the Bukit Jalil Pacesetter Members were running at their usual fast pace. Some uncles and aunties would overtake almost everyone in their path. Instead of going "Even uncles/aunties are running faster than me", I was admiring their state of health and stamina despite their age. I have much respect for these people and I have nothing to be ashamed of even though overtaken by any senior runner. I'd still be running. It's always nice to run at your own pace, exchanging well wishes to the regular runners as you pass them by.

As for today, my meals have been simple; 3 slices of wholemeal bread, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 whole broccoli and some mince beef. Meal portion is divided between lunch and tea time(normally my pre-workout meal).

Today is my FIRST workout session in 2011.

Indeed I lost my stamina and muscle mass but you know what? Its never too late to "start over again" because afterall, it's for my own health.

Well, I'm trying.

p/s: Accidentally left this in draft to be posted on Friday and today is Sunday. Whops.


  1. Good read, keep it up. I too have been wanting to build some muscle and take in whey supplements as i find jogging around bkt jalil park isn't enough.

  2. True. I guess its a mix of everything. :)

    Good luck to you too!


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