Monday, January 3, 2011

Andes BYO at Aman Suria


I was doing some grocery shopping with my grandma when I noticed a friend's tweet if anyone was free to have lunch at Andes. As I was on-leave, have no lunch plans and am planning to head towards Damansara Utama from Puchong; so why not? I replied, confirmed and Andes was lunch place to be!

Homely ambiance

Andes is located at Aman Sura and its really easy to spot the place. I'll put the address and stuff at the end of the post. It wasn't crowded when we got there so its a good thing for me; I wanna take lots of pictures without getting unwanted attention. But anyway, the menu and food looks good and I was there for the pork burger that I have been hearing about.

Lunch promotions!

Pork Trotter Vindaloo

Mike's order before the main course. Didn't expect to be such a full-meal because he thought it was like appetizer kind of portion. Lunch promotions are RM7 sounds good for what is available on the menu. The pork trotter's vindaloo was alright. Meat texture was not too bad but could have been a little more tender for that perfect touch but it was still alright.


As it was served on our table, the THICKNESS of the patty caught my attention. Lots of Mayo, fresh slices of tomato and onions, I can't wait to take my first bite!


The coleslaw and fries was fresh and crunchy; yeah, both of them.  Typical setup for a burger meal but done with care *plus points!*


One may be fooled by its small burger size but this set packs quite a hefty meal with the coleslaw and fries that comes with it.

Sexy side shot

Cheese is mixed into the patty so for lactose intolerant peeps, do take note. I'm not sure if extra cheese can be added upon request but the burger is already awesome by its default serving style. The pork patty gives you a nice chewy texture but NOT tough. Moisture and porkie flavors are pretty much still in the patty which makes it simply delicious. So far the only pork burgers I have tried are the Samurai Burger(McDonalds) at Bangkok and the one at SS2. I'm not comparing but all I'm saying is, this is how a proper pork burger should be; Meaty, chunky, juicy and porky!

Barbeque Pork Ribs

Mike's main course was the barbeque pork ribs. The bbq pork ribs's smoke aroma was very very apparent.


Lots of ribs glazed in bbq sauce served with mash potato and fresh coleslaw; now THAT is a combo meal. With that said, I got to try some of the bbq pork ribs too. There wasn't too many charred areas but what I like about the ribs are the smoky aroma alongside with the bbq sauce. It makes the pork ribs so tasty but I think Mike said that if only the ribs were a little softer.


I was so engrossed with my pork burger and pork ribs, I forgot to try some of the mash potato but I'm sure its good!

Mike was satisfied

So was I


How muchie for the porkies?
Pork Burger = RM12.90
BBQ Pork Ribs = RM37.90

They do have a facebook page but its not a fan page though. Here are their contact details taken from their info section.

Here is a map with directions from St. Ignatius Church along LDP to Jalan PJU 1/43 where Andes is located.

K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43
Petaling Jaya,
Malaysia 47301


Operating hours:
Monday to Friday :12.00pm - 3.00pm / 5.00pm to midnight
Saturday and Sunday : 6.00pm to Midnight

Contact No:
03 - 78043732


  1. LOL so bad, I'm stuck in office and you're going to Andes :(

  2. Hi Andy,

    What about the drinks? Do they serve only non alcoholic beverage? Sounds like a nice place.. May just drop by one of these days!
    btw, how are you? Ü

  3. that you've mentioned it. I think they have alcoholic drinks.

    I'm fine :) Just alittle busy with work

  4. love this too ^_^ I go for set lunch.. but the burger a bit dry for set lunch


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