Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roger Ong

I can't think of any fancy title so I guess his name is good enough. Sadly, the faces in the photo are blurred out. Anyway check out the amazing technique, the almighty 1-Hand-Camera-Scooping-Panty-Shooting technique by the brown t-shirt guy. Looks strangely familiar no?

During SUPER GT Round 3 2012, I was pushed aside by Roger Ong because I was blocking his shot. It was a honest mistake, he was behind me and I couldn't see him(like doh). Without any "excuse me" or some sort, he just pushed me. I didn't want to argue with him because I don't want to offend him. Who knows, may be his 20K-30K horny fans will start supporting him and say I was blocking his amazing photos. The sight of him disgusts me and what's worse? He pushed me = contact.

To find out more, check out this site - http://rogay-outoffocus.blogspot.com/


  1. So got go home and mandi with bleach or not to kill off his influence on you? LOL

  2. where is the like button laaaaaaa

  3. my name is elizabeth ngan ee huey and i am roger ong cousin on his mother side and i can confirm what you say about roger ong is true. he is a pervert. that why he never have a girlfriend and never will. he always talking about the girls he take picture for and how their behaviour.

    elizabeth ngan ee huey.

  4. yeah Roger Ong is so sohai mutha fucker http://cyberprinz.blogspot.com/2012_05_01_archive.html


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