Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Worthy Book Indeed

Something caught my eye

I could have summed up about this book easily but I think it's better to share more about this because its really good. Here it is in short:

Name of book: Worthy Book F and B Special Edition 2012-2013
What is it about: An awesome voucher book(i.e buy-one-free-one, discounts and freebies)

After I got the book, I started browsing through; still feeling a little skeptical at that time. I mean, the book ONLY costs RM29.90, and I'm getting so many vouchers, free membership card, free size up deals, free second item, 50% off certain food, buy-one-free-one and...well, you get the idea. Too good to be true? You betcha!

And no, the cafes and restaurants featured here are not some ching chang dong lang chiang ones okay? Participating merchants in Worthy Book F and B Special Edition 2012-2013 includes BreadTalk, Chilla Cup, Cupcake Chic, Delectable By Su, Gloria Jean's, Mr Siew Bao, Toast Box, Bee Cheng Hiang, DucKing, Kim Gary, Gelatomio, Lecka Lecka, Meet Fresh, Mochi Sweets, Boost Juice Bars, Ochado, Share Tea, The Soya Shop, Ichiban Boshi, Pepper Lunch, Shogun, Saisaki, Sushi Tei, Ko Hyang, D'Rich, Brotzeit, The Beer Factory, Crazy Potato, Krispy Kreme, Oyster King, Planet Popcorn, Shihlin Taiwanese Snacks, Carl's Jr, Ninja Joe, Subway, Wendy's and...do I really need to continue?

Another thing I like about the book is that they included information on cafes/restaurants such as pictures of their outlet, food, operating hours, contact number and branch information.

As you guys know, last weekend was Father's Day. Thanks to Worthy Book, and my wife and I decided to try this new(well at least new to us) cake bakery place called Purple Monkey. Checked out their website and their cakes does look delicious.

Straight forward with simple terms and condition

The only problem was Purple Monkey messed up our orders. We ordered the cake via online and we chose Sri Hartamas as our pick up point. We went to Sri Hartamas but we were told to collect it from Section 17(Happy Mansion). That option was never in the list. It's nearer to us but we weren't given the option to begin with. So double-u-tee-eff mate?

Anyway, it was along the way back so we didn't want to make fuss about it. However, if it was at another location, I would probably get my cake elsewhere.

Cake from Purple Monkey

Sinful Mango, RM80

Thanks to the voucher, the cake only costs RM50 - No hidden charges or terms and condition.

So how different is this to all the other groupon/coupon sites? Well, there is no waiting time. What do I mean? Correct me if I'm wrong but those groupon/coupon site requires some sort of complete buyout of a particular voucher before you get to print them out right?

You get to use these vouchers as soon as you buy the book. For RM29.90, I already got back my money just by getting the cake.

So where can you find this gem?  Worth Book is available at all major bookstores; MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya and selected myNEWS.com outlets in Klang Valley.

They also have their own website and facebook page.

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