Monday, June 18, 2012

A tool for a better health

As a regular runner and gym-goer, I would take note of my weight, BMI and calories burned. I do not have a heart rate monitor though. Great Eastern has introduced the Live Great website which provides daily tips and articles on health related issues as well as wellness tools such as exercise calorie calculator and target heart rate.

The first tool that caught my attention is the Exercise Calorie Calculator. The tool can be found at this link. I think its a great tool for one that doesn't run on a treadmill or track their progress with an ipod/iphone. It's a rough estimation but at least you would know how much calories you've burned.

Here is the link for the main site -

Have a good week ahead peeps.


  1. Any tools Can help calc how muc i accum when i don walk but eat and sleep for almost a mth? Roughly guess u knw who im

  2. Thanks for the info on Great Eastern site.

    I like the article on "Snack To Lose Weight"


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