Sunday, May 6, 2012

MC Jin In My Dream Live in Malaysia 2012

欧阳靖 演唱会 (Ouyang Jin a.k.a MC Jin's Concert)

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to shoot for a concert for the very first time under Mike Yip Studio. Although I can't share any photos yet, I'll post some personal shots that I'm allowed to. As we (Mike and I) arrived at KL Live around 6.20pm, my excitement and apprehensiveness went up a notch; being one of the official photographer for the concert and I get to meet MC Jin!


While waiting for Ren, Mike and I checked out the stage area and our camera's settings. Once done, Mike showed me around backstage to get a feel of the place. Guess who else is here?


Not long after, Ren arrived and we did a quick recap of what we're supposed to do and stuff. To my horror, my flash gun was acting weird! It just won't fire properly. Mike exchanged his SB900 with my SB700. My flash gun was working on his camera and same goes for his. We swapped back and my SB700 was working fine. Conclusion, the connection point was bad. What a sigh of relief.

My flash gun was working again!

At this point, we headed back to the changing room because MC Jin just arrived! He was warming up his vocals and going through his itinerary for the show. He was more than happy to see us as he said he was bored! What a cool guy! We introduced ourselves, chatted a little and managed to get a picture before the show.


MC Jin's gave an energetic 2 hours performance and the crowd was just amazing. They sang to his songs and some lucky peeps got freebies from MC Jin during the concert.


As mentioned before, I can't share out the photos as of yet but I'll definitely post them up as soon as I'm able to. So...stay tuned!

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