Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Ultimate Race For Cancer Research

L-R: Frank, William, and Me - Men's Health Run 2008

This is a story about Frank - a friend, running mentor, and a cancer survivor. Here is his story.

At the age of 12, Frank was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer, a rare form of cancer that affects muscle and connective tissues. Long story short,  Frank won the battle against the cancer and began his passionate drive for a healthy lifestyle. With that and for the past 5 years, he started participating in many runs to help raise funds for cancer research.

Siemens Run - 2008

Frank as at 31 December 2011, has now completed a total of 16 marathons, 8 ultramarathons (with the furthest being 100KM) and 3 Powermans.

Recently, Frank has qualified as one of the 2 Malaysians for the world’s largest and oldest 90km ultramarathon race called Comrades Marathon, taking place on 3 June 2012 at South Africa. The race requires participants complete the Run in 12 hours, with a number of cut-off points along the routes which runners must reach by a prescribed time or be forced to retire from the race. The objective of the Race is to commemorate the South African soldiers killed during the war. The Comrades was run for the first time on 24 May 1921 (Empire Day), and with the exception of a break during World War II, it has been run every year since. To date, over 300,000 runners have completed the race. For more information about the Run, do visit

Frank is eager in giving back to the society, particularly for cancer patients. An example is the Terry Fox Foundation where he helped to raise fund that will benefit the foundation in the continuous research towards battling the disease. In order to further his involvement in this, Frank intends to run the Comrades Marathon for a good cause and benefiting CARIF (Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation).

Join the CARIF - Frank ‘The Ultimate Race for Cancer Research’ fund raising campaign. You can pledge your support towards this campaign:

1) Purchase the “special edition” t-shirts at RM60 each, available end February 2012. T-shirts are available at CARIF and Running Lab, Tropicana City Mall.

2) Donate. Cash or cheque (payable to Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation) can be deposited at CARIF or Running Lab, Tropicana City Mall

3) ‘Like’ and share the official Facebook page at The Ultimate Race For Cancer Research (

You can also view Frank’s updates on his race preparation recorded on his personal blog (

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