Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Bee at Jaya One


I heard of The Bee but haven't tried it out myself until last month. I was at Jaya One for personal matters and when lunch time came, we were spoilt for choices as there were so many restaurants and cafes. Me and my wife decided to try out The Bee.

The place feels comfortable, casual and little rustic. I didn't bring my DSLR but my iphone4 is not too bad I guess. It's just a simple lunch but I still think it's worth sharing what me and wifey had.

Hotdog, RM12.50

It's how a proper hotdog should be. Springy and chewy sausage on soft and fragrant hotdog bun. Pretty generous with the sauteed onions and mustard sauce. Lots of fries and better yet, it wasn't overly salty. If you have cravings for hotdog, this would fill in that void perfectly.

Fettuccine Carbonara, RM18.50

Tasted alright but it could be better. The pasta was a little tough even for Al dante. Might be a personal preference but we were hoping to have more gravy but we were more concerned with the pasta's texture. Other than that, it was still enjoyable.

At the time of dining, we didn't know what to order but the food at The Bee are mostly western food I guess. Good place to catch up with friends or even a meal with the family.

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