Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicago Rib House at 1 Utama


A new place for pork ribs is always welcomed. Better yet, it's at one of the popular shopping malls in Klang Valley, 1 Utama. I was invited to check out Chicago Rib House not too long ago and the place looks pretty cosy despite all the hustle and bustle in a shopping mall.


Mojito bar




Classic Mojito

Peach Mojito

Lychee Mojito

Ocean Mojito

We got to sample some of unique mix of Mojitos which were okay. I'm not really a Mojito drink type of guy but these were pretty good. While waiting for our food, I noticed that the place was buzzing with patrons! There was a group celebrating a friend's birthday while others was just having dinner after work. Crowded? On a weekday? My expectations for the food rose up a notch.

Trio Sampler

First up was the Trio Sampler. You got hot buffalo wings, potato skins and pork Chili Con Carne. The hot buffalo wings were a little too salty but still, it tasted tangy as well.


Nachos chips tasted heavenly with the pork Chili Con Carne. Sweetness and flavors from the pork went really well with the chili and cheese concoction. It wasn't entirely spicy. It was well balanced in my opinion. Cheese, pork, chili and nachos, what's not to like?

Behold, Full Rack - Flaming Kansas City with two sides of your choice, RM59.90

Whiskey to be fused with....


Step 1

Light them up

Flame on!

Full rack - Original Flavor, RM53.90

Caution: Porking In Progress

Juicy ribs? Not really...


The original pork ribs was sweet and the sauce tasted similar to BBQ flavor. I do appreciate the generous serving of fries that comes with the pork ribs.

Flaming Kansas City(whiskey infused)

The Flaming Kansas City was delicious although some parts were a little dry and tough but the flavors was spot on with whiskey. Don't worry about the ribs being bitter because alcohol from the whiskey was burned off earlier.

Grilled Bourbon Chicken, RM27.90

Grilled Bourbon Chicken, RM27.90

Nope, no mistakes here. Basically it's the same but different side dishes. Two grilled boneless chicken breast topped with signature bourbon sauce. By the way, what you see on the grilled chicken is not garlic, its CHEESE!

Shrimp Olio, RM32.90

Shrimp overload! A generous amount of fresh shrimps with buttery pasta. A heavy meal if not shared.

8oz. Pork Tenderloin, RM32.90

Perfectly grilled on the outside, moist on the inside. The pork tenderloin went well with the homemade apple cinnamon sauce. I also enjoyed the thick cut fries which gives it a rustic feeling.

You get to pick 2 side orders of your choice

Hickory  BBQ Bacon Burger, RM29.90

If you're been following my blog, you would know I LOVE pork burgers and it's hard to find nice and delicious one.

A slice of heaven? We shall see.


You might be curious on how I "reviewed" the burger? The first thing I did was eating the patty on its own without anything else. No cheese, no bacon. The pork patty was moderately thick. It wasn't as juicy but the flavors was still good! Furthermore, since bacon was used, the burger probably took a step back with some seasoning as we wouldn't want to have a overly salty burger do we? All in all, I would say the burger was just right. Might seem a little pricey but for it's serving size and ingredients used, it's seems alright.

I think this was Beach Fiesta, a citrus mocktail or some sort.

A friend's order, Strawberry Milkshake?

Brownie Royale, RM12.90

For dessert, we got to try Brownie Royale which was really really delicious. Rich chocolatey flavor with a scoop of vanilla ice cream was simply a good way to end a meal.



It's hard to find a place that serves good pork ribs so for Chicago Rib House to be located at 1 Utama is quite a steal. As for pork ribs, I would recommend the Flaming Kansas City although it was wasn't as tender as I thought it would be. However, the taste made up for it. I also enjoyed the Hickory  BBQ Bacon Burger. Despite it's price, the size of the burger is huge! Not forgetting the amount of fries that comes with the meal. It's difficulty for me too because I'm pretty attached to my current favourite pork burger from Andes. Nevertheless, the Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger is delicious!

Chicago Rib House is currently having a special promotion till 1st of January 2012. Pardon me for posting this up a tad bit late but I have been busy with work. Click on the image below to view a larger resolution version.



Chicago Ribs House
Lot F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact No: 03 - 7727 3210


  1. Andrew,

    no more eatingdimsum page liow, not with

  2. this is a haven for oinky ribs. oh! the spicy chicken wings are really good too.

    happy new year bro!

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  4. @Andy:
    whao, catchy new blog name :)

    yeah! the wings were nice but a tad bit too salty on that day. nevertheless, I like the pork burger too!


  5. hi may i ask you what's the price for the trio sampler? :)

    1. Hi there,
      The price for the trio sampler is RM32.90 :)

  6. Bullshit la Chicago staffs have to work like dogs serving dead pigs to you gluttons out there who only know how to eat and shit and eat. You might as well save that money to have your coffin ready made.

    1. I didn't check my comments until today. Decided to do some clean up but I decided to keep this angry comment.

      1 question to you my friend: don't you eat, shit and eat too?
      Chicago staffs have to work like dogs? I don't think so. I don't see any dog chain or hear them bark for a bone.

      Yes, I'm trolling. Are you a underpaid staff? You may take your complain elsewhere bro...or sis.

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