Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Month

Its almost end of August and that means I have about a month to go before my big day. Things are looking great but I will only update my blog whenever I able to.

Not much food review as I am busy with work and wedding preparations but there might be one coming up over the weekend. As for my wedding preparations, I'm done with most of the major stuff. I've chosen my photographers, videographer and florist. One of the pending stuff now is considered to be 1 of the major headache for most; THE GUEST LIST.

For now, I'm supporting a project at the client's place so I'm unable to access social websites. They even blocked flickr. Why on earth would they block flickr? The category was "Personal Storage". Tough luck huh?

Till then, do check out my older posts :)


  1. have fun with the wedding preps. its only once in a lifetime..

  2. Have you tried VPN to access the social websites from the client's LAN?

  3. @missyblurkit
    Yeah! hehehe finally almost done

    Nah, I gave up. Its good in a way...makes u appreciate things more...plus I'm able to concentrate more on work ROFL


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