Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Guess who's back? 7 Up's Revive is back with a brand new look! But before that, you have to check out Revive's facebook contest! This year is the 2nd time that this contest is held and of course, there are awesome cash prizes to be won!

REV CUP - Battle OF The States!

Last year, everyone was battling against one another. This year however, not only are you battling for your own pride, but also for the pride of your region! That means, upon entering Battle Of The States, you're also representing your state! Talk about making it big! So we(the peeps at Selangor) would do our best to score as many points possible. So guys and gals, please do send in your photos and videos now to join in the battle! Find out which state is the most Rev’d-Up to take out the first ever Rev Cup!

Its really simple to join. What you need to do is to LIKE the Revive Facebook page and then follow the steps below.

Once at the facebook page, it should look like this:

Check out "This week's Theme" to find out the theme for that week. This week’s theme is Big / Small - Reshape the world and defy things like 'natural order' by manipulating your surroundings.

All you need to do is turn on your creativity and snap a picture or video of yourself to suit the theme for that week and then upload them up by clicking the option provided.

Here are some examples of entries by a few contestants for last week's theme of Urban Surfing!

One may be creative but please ensure your photo quality is not too bad. Tough luck for this guy, he got zero points

The judges will award points according to your creativity and the more points you collect, the closer you are to winning these fantastic prizes below:

Individual Prizes
RM 1000 for participation with the most points at the end of the week
RM 5000 for participation with the most points after 6 weeks
RM 5000 for best video after 6 weeks
8x RM 3000 category awards to be announced at the end of the competition

Here is how it works:

State Prizes?
The winning state will have a massive party thrown in their honour. Talk about revving it up!

Point system?
Its a little unique this time. You gain points for your own entry as well as STATE level. Whichever state wins the most point at the end of the week, all participants from that state will gain (1) bonus point at the start of the following week

Referee? Rev-erees?
The rev-erees are the people deciding on your score. Basically, they have the final say. Your entry will get either a Red, Yellow or Blue card.

Red card – Your entry is not Rev’d Up enough. Zero (0) points.

Yellow card – Your entry is cool, but could be better. One (1) point for your effort.

Blue card – This is exactly what we like to see! Five (5) point.

All Individual prizes will be announced and awarded at the party, so you have to be there. In other words, you still get to party no matter what happens.  I'm sure you won't want to miss out this year's REV-CUP Party right? I could feel the excitement already.

Got an idea already? Excited? So what are you waiting for? Do submit your photo/video entries to the Rev-Cup: Battle Of The States Facebook application here

Now that you know about the contest, its time to check out Revive's new look!

Revive C-Shield

Revive B-Boost

What do you think? Let me know by commenting below!


  1. eiiikSss... that one,floor pose gets no point la T.T

  2. eh? I didnt notice the score but creative ma :P

    Good try :)

  3. Now lets see YOUR entry! hhahahah!

  4. Its here bro! haha



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